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Instagram testing new 'Creator' account with special tools for influencers

Instagram (iOS, Android) users with high follower counts could soon have access to a new type of "creator" account. The social media site is testing the accounts for high-profile users.

The creator accounts would allow users to access a suite of tools that would allow them to monitor growth insights like follower count, how many are unfollowing, and better direct messaging management.

Creators will get daily and weekly insights into follower counts alongside content recaps. Influencers can then... Read More »

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GigEconomy app automatically creates invoices to help freelancers get paid

Freelance writing is all about the hustle. Get ideas together to pitch to editors, cover events, meet a word count, make endless edits, and hope that the meager check (depending on when you get it) makes ends meet.

Setapp's GigEconomy app is a tool for freelancers to manage time, finances, and set professional boundaries. The program is available for Mac OS Yosemite or later.

One of the perks is the program's ability to create professional PDF invoices for easy... Read More »

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Google's new Contacts web app will be the only option for business users in 2019

Google announced that it's planning to completely replace its old G Suite Contacts with a newer version over the next few months.

The update looks less like Google's red-themed Gmail and more like the minimalist interface of Outlook.

The new Google Contacts has been in the works since 2015. The company said the new Contacts will be the only version available to users after February 12, 2019, and the change will take place in three stages.

1. Changes to admin-controlled... Read More »

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How apps are helping women in the UK invest smarter and catch up to men in building wealth

I used to work at a bank and noticed two things. First, women on the 1940s-50s end of the Baby Boomer generation were more likely to rely on their husbands to "take care" of the money. Conversely, Generation X men were more likely to say "she handles all that," when referring to bills and money.

Even though perspectives on gender equality are shifting, there are still areas of everyday life where women aren't on the same playing field as... Read More »

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Zillow expands outside US with first Canadian listings in its app

Anyone looking for a house in Canada can rejoice now that Zillow has officially entered the Canadian housing market. Yesterday, Zillow announced that the 100 million non-US visitors they get to its website and app each year, most of whom are Canadian, will now be able to search through nearly 10,000 available homes across Canada.

In addition to the 10,000 homes immediately available, 50,000 more will be added to the site's listing over the coming weeks and months. Zillow has spent months currying favor with major Canadian real estate firms, signing deals with dozens of brokerages ahead... Read More »

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Me2Bot fights sexual harassment with AI in the office

Sexual harassment is a prevalent issue in the workplace. A 2018 online survey revealed that 81 percent of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime. Of that number, 38 percent of the harassment happened at work.

Beerud Sheth, the CEO and co-founder of Gupshup, created the Me2Bot, a chatbot designed to help victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

While men can also be victims of sexual harassment, women are disproportionately affected.

Sadly, but... Read More »

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Microsoft OneDrive is going to transcribe your audio and video files to make searching easier

Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint are becoming more accessible and making it easier to search multimedia files with new transcription capabilities for video and audio files. The company plans to use the same AI from Microsoft Stream when it launches the new features later this year.

Microsoft Stream -- the company's video-sharing service -- supports more than 320 file types with the implemented tech in its business video service.

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Read More »

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'HiHello' contact management app may finally replace business cards thanks to its clever use of QR codes

Business cards are so 20th century. But sharing your contact information electronically can be a hassle. Now, a new app aims to ease the process of swapping virtual business cards.

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Available for both iOS and Android, HiHello lets you create your own customized contact cards that you can share with other people. In turn, others can use the app to devise and share their... Read More »

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Microsoft OneDrive can now back up and protect your folders

Microsoft OneDrive users now have a new option for backing up critical folders and files.

Currently rolling out to OneDrive on Windows, the service's folder protection lets you add your documents, desktop, and pictures folders to OneDrive. Any files contained in those folders will be backed up to your online storage and synced to other computers and devices running OneDrive. As such, you'll be able to access those folders and files from anywhere.

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Microsoft... Read More »

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Apps are now hackers' favorite weapons for committing fraud

According to a new report from cybersecurity firm RSA, smartphones are quickly becoming the main avenue for hacking attempts, with fraud from mobile browsers and mobile applications now accounting for 71 percent of all fraudulent transactions.

The study, covering a period between April and July, found nearly 10,000 rogue apps that were now responsible for 28 percent of all fraud attacks.

The rise in rogue apps and mobile browser hacking attempts coincides with a rapid growth in the... Read More »

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