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'Playlist' lets you listen to music and chat with your friends in real time

Back in the day, if you heard a good song and wanted to share it with a friend, you had a few options.

You could pop your headphones apart (yes you had to do that back then) and listen to the song together on your Walkman (yep) or CD player. You could put a cassette tape in and press record when the song comes on the radio.

Today people can share their favorite songs in Spotify playlists, YouTube links, or a new... Read More »

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Waze to add built-in audio player to serenade you while you drive

You're in your car trying to get driving directions at the same time you're fiddling with an audio app to rev up your favorite music or audiobook. Not easy, right? Well, the folks at Waze have a solution that should help.

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Waze is introducing a built-in audio player that will pipe through music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more directly within the app itself. Yes, that means you... Read More »

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Audible launches on Apple Watch so you can listen to audiobooks without your iPhone

Audible is bringing your favorite novel straight to your watch with their new app made specifically for the recently unveiled Apple Watch Series 4. A simple sync with the Audible app on your iPhone will give you access to all of your favorite titles.

Audible has been working to break into the health content field and just last month they announced a partnership with Aaptiv to create audio fitness programs. The push ties well with Apple's stated desire for users... Read More »

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Hands-on: Can revamped YouTube Music app be top alternative to Spotify?

Despite Spotify now streaming tens of millions of tracks to over 75 million paying customers for 10 bucks a month, not everyone has found solace with the market leader. You can count now Google among the rivals that think it can do better.

Its alternative is the brand-new YouTube Music, which now comes with an optional $10 a month subscription with features aimed squarely at Spotify. We got an early look at it, and wanted to share our first... Read More »

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