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How to create a public event with Google Maps

Google Maps has added a feature that lets you create a public event through Maps for Android. The new feature is live now, according to Android Police, but doesn't appear to be available to everyone. CNET staffers didn't see the option to create an event.

Google wasn't immediately available for comment.

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On the support page, Google said the feature might not be available in some regions. Here's how to check... Read More »

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Google Street View lets you explore 'Mars on Earth'

Becoming an astronaut isn't a quick or easy task. But you now can stroll around Earth's version of Mars -- Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic -- via Google Street View, the search giant said Monday in a blog post.

No space suit required.

Street View, the vast, barren, rocky landscape of Devon Island stretches far and wide. Low clouds rest above the horizon. You can see tracks from ATVs. Those tracks mostly belong to a team using the... Read More »

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Study confirms that your smartphone is why you're tired and lazy

The most dangerous thing I can say to myself in the morning is "I've got time." Like many people, I check my phone when I wake up. If I'm not quite ready to get out of bed, I keep scrolling. Articles lead to memes, memes lead to videos, and before I know it, I'm looking up what everyone from The Wonder Years is doing now. I'm also late to work.

Researchers call it "technoference." It means you prioritize your... Read More »

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10 coolest mobile games we saw at GDC 2019

PC and console developers are showing off their AAA games in giant booths from Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games and others on the show floor at this week's Game Developer Conference. Not to be left out, casual games for mobile devices played a key role at GDC, too. We found a bucket of engaging games that have just shipped or are about to. These 10 were our favorites.

1. Sky

An iOS-only game expected to release this year, Sky... Read More »

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Top 7 trends in mobile gaming this year from GDC 2019

The two biggest topics at this week's Game Developer Conference (GDC) has been Google's upcoming Stadia streaming service and the stranglehold Fortnite has on the youth of America. But for those interested in mobile games, the convention this week in San Francisco offers lots of hints about where iOS and Android mobile game developers are going in 2019 and beyond.

1. Cloud-based gaming is coming to your phone

Google announced Stadia this week... Read More »

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Google Duo celebrates Holi festival with colorful video effects

Google is celebrating Holi, India's colorful spring festival, by bringing special effects to video calling app Duo. If you're in India, you'll be able to dress up your recorded video messages with colorful face powders, sunglasses, flowing borders, floating foods and a Happy Holi message, Android Police reported.

Justin Uberti, a creator and tech lead at Google Duo confirmed on Twitter that the feature is available only in India.

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9 outdoor activity apps to find an adventure with your family in spring 2019

The season of snuggling up on your couch and sipping hot cocoa is coming to an end. Spring is here, so it's time to come out of hibernation. Spending weekends cooking out, playing volleyball games in the park, driving with the top down, wearing shorts and making ice-cold lemonade is right around the corner.

Use these apps to help you find something fun to do outdoors that everyone will enjoy.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

Try a new park with your friends and family... Read More »

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Opera browser for Android adds free built-in unlimited VPN services

Opera has added a free, built-in VPN service to its mobile browser for Android users in version 51, which launched Wednesday. This means you won't need to sign in, download additional apps or pay extra for protection while browsing public Wi-Fi. Opera says this gives you even more control over your online privacy.

The built-in VPN creates a private, encrypted connection between your phone and the server with a 256-bit encryption algorithm. The encryption hides your physical location and... Read More »

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Call of Duty: Mobile game app coming to Android and iOS

Call of Duty, the popular first-person shooter video game franchise, is coming to Android and iOS. Fans can preregister online now, and Android users can also preregister in the Google Play Store. The app and any future updates are free, according to the game's website.

Activision wasn't immediately available for comment, but the site says fans should expect more information regarding the release in the coming months.

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South Korean installs light-up crosswalk to stop phone-related wrecks

We've all seen viral videos of people paying more attention to a phone than where they're going. The results are generally comical: tripping, falling or running into something. It's not always funny though. Some phone-obsessed people, referred to as "smartphone zombies" in popular culture, are becoming injured in road accidents.

To combat the problem, the South Korean city of Ilsan has reportedly installed a system at a crosswalk that alerts pedestrians and warns cars to slow down.... Read More »

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