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How to play popular board game Ludo King like a ... king

If you like board games, here's one you probably should check out. It's called Ludo King. Developed in India, Ludo is based on a centuries-old Indian game called Pachisi. And the roots of the game stretch back 3,000 years. For a game to hang around three millennia, it has to be fun, and as the world's internet population is finding out, Ludo certainly has an addictive quality.

The centerpiece of the digital version... Read More »

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Google Drive: How to get the most out of the app for iOS and Android

If you want to create some safety measures to protect your important files, putting them in the cloud confers a number of advantages: You can access these files from anywhere, on a variety of devices; share and sometimes collaborate in real time; and restore files if something happens to your computer or its storage devices.

So with Google Drive as the biggest consumer cloud storage service around, we've been spending some time helping the uninitiated familiarize themselves with its capabilities, starting with the free Google Backup and Sync desktop app,... Read More »

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Tapatalk to onboard Google+ communities for free after shutdown

Tapatalk's forum app is offering a new home for soon to be platform-less Google+ communities. The company announced Wednesday that moderators and owners of communities can migrate their data to Tapatalk for free.

Moderators or owners of Google+ communities can fill out a form to request a migration to Tapatalk, the company said in a release Wednesday. Users will see a preview of what their community will look like in Tapatalk Groups.

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Tapatalk... Read More »

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The Gmail mobile app redesign is bright white -- but there are workarounds

A few years ago, Google began implementing and promoting a common look-and-feel for Android apps that it called Material Design. This aesthetic standard was minimalistic, but each app had a splash of color coding: For example, Docs was blue, Sheets was green and Gmail was red.

Now Google is forging ahead with Material Design 2, which take away almost all color from the company's apps, and the results for the new Android version of the Gmail mobile app (download for iOS... Read More »

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Steam plans to sunset non-gaming video content soon

Valve has pulled the plug on the video section of its Steam store menu and will weed out non-gaming content such as movies and TV shows.

The reason? People simply weren't watching non-gaming videos, Valve said Tuesday in a blog post on the game-streaming site. Valve plans to refocus Steam on content that's directly related to games and accessories.

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"Over the coming weeks a number of non-gaming... Read More »

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'MASSE' app gives users product recommendations from trusted friends, contacts and influencers

Turning to apps like Amazon (download for iOS and Android), Target (download for iOS and Android) or Walmart (download for iOS and Android) for product recommendations is like turning to Facebook (download for iOS and Android) quizzes to learn more about yourself, Trump's Twitter (download for iOS and Android) assertions to make sense of climate change or paid Instagram (download for iOS and Android) influencers for advice on... Read More »

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We are giving away an unlocked Galaxy S10 Plus phone

Samsung just announced the newest members of the Galaxy S10 family, and two lucky readers will each take one of the new phones home! is joining forces with CNET, so two of our readers can get an unlocked version of the brand new Samsung flagship phone.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10

Before getting to the giveaway, let's go over all the details for these new phones. The just-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED curved screen and five... Read More »

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How to use Google Drive cloud storage in a desktop web browser

Last Friday, we began a short series about how to use Google Drive, starting with the Backup and Sync app on a desktop PC. You can use that app to manage your files in the Google Drive cloud, but that's just one way to transfer your documents and media back and forth. If you have a desktop web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome already installed on your PC, then the browser itself can be a... Read More »

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Spotify competitor YouTube Music finally comes to Android Auto

Music streaming services are in a serious fight to secure their territory, and one of their most powerful tools is sheer availability. Pandora (download for iOS or Android) is an oft-cited example; it's so ubiquitous that you can get it in cars that predate Android Auto and Apple CarPlay by several years, and it arguably pioneered the driving-friendly interfaces that are common in many mobile apps today.

Today, YouTube Music (download for iOS or Android), which... Read More »

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How Flip50 fitness app helps seniors stay active

A lot of mental and physical changes come with turning 50 years old. As your body starts to truly show signs of aging like lesser muscle function, diminished healing abilities and slower blood flow, you may have to adjust your workout regiment (or begin one).

Flip50 (download for iOS or Android) can help create a healthy lifestyle for seniors--even if you're not feeling up to a higher-intensity workout or you're short on time.

A Flip50 subscription includes... Read More »

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