Free Calling and Messaging with Amazon Echo Alexa

Siri and the Google App demonstrate that using your voice can be the fastest way to get an answer to something, from driving directions to the middle name of the 21st President of the United States ("Alan"). Amazon's popular Echo devices can work this magic as well, with a built-in AI the company calls Alexa. In May 2017, Amazon added free messaging and voice calling to the Alexa app and all Echos. The people on both ends of the conversation... Read More »

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Top 4 VoIP apps for Android

Today we lament the shutdown of Google Voice support for third-party apps. For businesses and products that rely heavily on the XMPP protocol, that cutoff has practically spelled doom.

However, this move by Google doesn't necessarily mean the end of Google Voice (which may soon get integrated into Hangouts) and certainly not the end of VoIP calling. Here are some of our favorite VoIP apps for Android.


Bolt is relatively new, has a modern design, and... Read More »

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Google Voice gets the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment

Earlier today, the Google Voice app for Android was quietly updated, moving it to version

While the minuscule version number may suggest otherwise, this newest iteration is significant, as it shows off a completely redesigned user interface and a shiny new app icon. Both are marked by the clean lines and cyan accents of the newest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The most notable feature added to Google Voice is Click-to-Call, located in the top-right corner of the tablet... Read More »

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Skype desktop app now makes Facebook video calls

Skype deepened its partnership with Facebook today by adding Facebook video calling to both its Mac and Windows applications.

With the just-announced Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows, you can initiate a Facebook video call without having to open up your browser and log in to the social-networking site. Just connect your Facebook account to Skype, select a Facebook friend, and hit the Skype video call button. Your friend picks up the call directly... Read More »

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Introducing AT&T Call International for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone

The newly released AT&T Call International for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone might be an awesome VoIP app for making calls overseas. Note the word "might."

According to AT&T, the Call International app lets you use a Wi-Fi connection to place international phone calls from their supported AT&T phones, to anywhere and from anywhere in the world--for a fee, of course. Just sign up for a Call International account, download the app from the provided link, and make your calls. Your... Read More »

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Skype 2.0 for Android adds video calls

Hot off the heels of its iPad-optimized app release, Skype, the popular VoIP service, makes another splash with an update for its Android-toting user base. Skype for Android has jumped to version 2.0, and at long last, it lets Android users make and receive video calls--well, it lets a few of them anyway. See, the new video-calling capability is, at the moment, only available to users running Android version 2.3 on the following devices: HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson... Read More »

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VoxOx reaches out to iPhone

An app that offers a range of features including low-cost SMS and international calls, phone callback, voice mail with transcription, and conversation-recording features sounds a bit like a magic bullet for many of the ailments that plague smartphone users. A new iOS app released today by Southern California-based VoxOx includes those features and others, and it's offering them for free in a partial port of its desktop software called VoxOx Call (iTunes Store link).

Following the desktop program revamp... Read More »

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Skype 5 beta for Mac adds group video calls

Skype's VoIP calling is by now well known to most Mac users, and the ability to make computer-to-computer calls anywhere in the world for free is already extremely popular to international users. Skype's official version on the Mac is 2.8 and is still a bit behind its Windows counterpart (Skype 5 for Windows). But a beta release today brings the software to version 5.0 on the Mac, and the Skype team has added some great new features to... Read More »

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Skype 5.0 delivers videoconferencing, Facebook integration

Popular and preeminent VoIP service Skype has wooed its fair share of people with an itch to ditch the landline and an Internet connection, especially those with international contacts. Today, the service is launching its latest update in the hopes of wooing even more customers and keeping the current ones happy. Skype 5.0 features a streamlined interface, Facebok integration, and video conferencing functionality.

First, Skype tackled the overall user experience of the software. The new Home page integrates a feed of... Read More »

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VoIP battles and music creation

Last week, the two biggest VoIP services got a chance to hash it out in a CNET Prizefight. Skype and new kid on the block Google Voice duked it out in five bone-crushing rounds, and although both are communication powerhouses that bring you free or cheap phone calls over the Web, only one can come out on top. Find out which one did.

We also took a close look at some music production software from Sony. ACID Music Studio 8... Read More »

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