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Phishing for Apple

To paraphrase an old expression: Give a man an apple and you feed him for a day; teach a man to phish apple IDs and you feed him for a lifetime -- with stolen data. That's what some bold phishers are hoping for, according to a new report by security intelligence company Trend Micro, which documents a major phishing scam that has already compromised 110 sites in a plan to steal Apple IDs.

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Trend Micro shuffles features for your safety

Trend Micro wants to redefine the expectations of people buying security suites by changing what level of protection they get. The Trend Micro Titanium 2013 updates move feature sets around, lowering the price on features previously available only for more money, as well as debuting new ones.

Available exclusively from today, Titanium Antivirus Plus (30-day trial download, $39.95), Titanium Internet Security (30-day trial download, $79.95), Titanium Maximum Security (30-day trial download, $89.95), Titanium Premium Security (30-day trial download, $99.95),... Read More »

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Pay for a password manager? Trend Micro bets you will

DirectPass (download) is a new password manager from Trend Micro that promises a battery of features that could shoot it to the top of its class. The catch? It's not cheap.

Debuting yesterday, DirectPass has a lot key options that make a good password manager great. It's got password generation, a 256-bit AES encrypted form-filler, encrypted secure notes, browser integration via add-on, and one-click master password login. The master password include a hint option to help you remember it, but... Read More »

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Trend Micro Titanium steels itself for 2012

Trend Micro overhauled its security suites last year to great success. The company changed everything about the programs, from introducing a cloud-based detection engine on up through an interface with fast transitions and even the name, rebranding the suites as Trend Micro Titanium. Available exclusively today from CNET, this year's Titanium Maximum Security 2012 (download), Titanium Internet Security 2012 (download), and Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 (download) offer far fewer and far less dramatic changes, but they... Read More »

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Trend Micro gives parents an Online Guardian

Trend Micro has created an Online Guardian that it says will help parents monitor and control the online activity of their children. Debuting today, Online Guardian for Parents continues the revamp of Trend Micro's home consumer security line that started last fall with its cloud-based Titanium security suites. In fact, Online Guardian leverages the same cloud-based, proprietary database called Smart Protection to extend rapid-response protection to Web site monitoring.

In addition to standard parental control features such as URL filtering,... Read More »

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Tap That App takes on Android security

In this week's episode of Tap That App, we look at the growing Android security field and check out three apps with three different takes on what's important when making Android safer. One thing's for sure: the makers of all three think that there's more to Android security than mere antivirus and malicious app scanning.

For a more detailed analysis, check out the story this episode of Tap That App is based on.

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Deputize that Android app

Mobile devices are the frontier for malicious hackers and other technological ne'er-do-wells, which means that the Android operating system sheriffs can't be far behind. It's an unusual space to be in at the moment, because while malicious mobile apps have been proven to exist and indeed are legitimate threats, there's very few of them for one simple reason: there's no money in it. At least, not yet.

You can bet your last horse bound for the glue factory that as... Read More »

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Android lands cloud security from Trend Micro

Trend Micro recently upgraded its security system for desktop computers to rely heavily on cloud-based detection and protection, and now it's bringing that same network to Android devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android secures your device in four ways. It offers a "safe surfing" feature that prevents phishing attacks and illicit access to your identity and banking information. It also powers the parental controls for Web site content blocking. There's a customized blacklist for call and text filtering, and... Read More »

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Cyber Monday offer extended - Save 50% off on Trend Micro Titanium

This is your last chance to grab a copy of Trend Micro Titanium security solutions at 50% off!

Today only, you can get 50% off of Trend Micro's Titanium solutions. Titanium Advantage provides you with a security solution that won't slow you down with its strong, fast, and easy-to-use protection. Trend Micro Titanium uses cloud technology to automatically stop viruses and spyware before they reach your computer, giving you a whole new way to protect your computer with three... Read More »

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Exclusive, limited offer: 50 % off Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus+ 2011

As a partner manager, I try to bring our readers some of the better deals from our developer community that are useful and may not be easily found elsewhere.

Since Trend Micro recently released a major update that is designed to be stronger, faster, and easier to use, I reached out to Trend Micro to see if the company would give our users a special offer.

So, today, we have a 50 percent off deal for just $19.97 (normally $39.95).

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