BitTorrent unveils 'sick' sync service

Among the myriad modern ways to transfer files from one computer to another, you can now add BitTorrent Sync to the list. The company unveiled a very rough, pre-alpha version of the service today as part of its new initiative for developing new tech called BitTorrent Labs.

In a blog post announcing BitTorrent Sync, the company revealed few details. It's designed to "manage personal files across multiple computers," the company wrote. They also requested user feedback to help them... Read More »

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Surf turns Chrome into a BitTorrent app

BitTorrent Surf is a new Chrome add-on (download) that turns the browser into a torrent client. While that's not an innovation on its own, this is the first time the company has built a complete torrent-manager for the browser.

In development for the past six months, according to the BitTorrent blog announcing the add-on, Surf lets you find torrents on the Web and download them.

Still in rough alpha, Surf goes beyond that. It allows for automatic torrent detection when... Read More »

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Download this, Mr. Jones

Numerous entertainers have had serious flirtations with digital distribution, but the band Counting Crows has taken its infatuation a step further -- straight into the BitTorrent universe. (Legally, that is.)

The Counting Crows BitTorrent bundle (download), released today, includes songs, art, and liner notes from their latest album Underwater Sunshine. It's available to torrent freaks everywhere -- with the approval of both the band and its label.

"I don't know why everybody's not doing it," said Counting Crows lead singer Adam... Read More »

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μTorrent Plus launches in limited alpha

The company that develops μTorrent announced today that the paid upgrade version of the popular torrent client, called μTorrent Plus, was ready for limited public testing. μTorrent Plus comes with additional value-added features in an attempt to entice fans into upgrading. Originally announced earlier this year, parent company BitTorrent, which also makes the original torrent client BitTorrent, has revealed a bit more about the value-added features that will come in μTorrent Plus.

These include drag-and-drop file conversion for transcoding... Read More »

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uTorrent preparing paid version

A paid upgrade to the popular torrent manager uTorrent is in the works, the makers of the program announced today.

Less than a month after the release of uTorrent 3.0 (download), the program's parent company, BitTorrent Inc., revealed plans to introduce a paid upgrade called uTorrent Plus. Though it's still in development and unavailable to the public, uTorrent Plus promises to include tools that will eliminate codec problems, convert file formats, and move content between devices, according... Read More »

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Tap That App: uTorrent Remote

Torrents are source of much legal controversy, which is a shame because the format is a great way to distribute all kinds of content. BitTorrent is working on raising awareness of torrents that share content legally with its Vodo network, and the company has now provided an Android companion app.

uTorrent Remote works with the next generation of the uTorrent client to find and manage torrents on your computer from your phone or tablet. The killer feature? uTorrent... Read More »

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Control, play torrents via uTorrent on Android

Bandwidth caps are only part of the reason that torrenting has yet to hit mobile devices in a big way, but that hasn't stopped them from trickling into the portable world. Today BitTorrent, Inc. announced remote control app uTorrent Remote that lets you manage your desktop's torrents from your Android device, and stream completed audio and video torrents back to your device. Originally mentioned last month at CES, uTorrent Remote will only work with the next generation version of uTorrent,... Read More »

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Apps give uTorrent a feature boost

uTorrent has long been known for providing a torrent managing client that's light on fancy features but light on your system resources, too. Today's release of uTorrent 2.2 brings out of beta an add-on gallery that the publisher BitTorrent has been working on since the spring. The "App Studio," as the company calls it, allows people to customize features on the fly, including adding security from BitDefender, games, social networking, and enhanced content discovery for legally... Read More »

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Miro 3.0 debuts with video converter

Open-source music and video jukebox Miro gets a serious signal boost in its recently released third version. It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; the update debuts an overall zippier program, along with automatic subtitle support, a higher maximum volume, and better file info support.

Quickly messing around in the new Miro, and having used it since it's days as the Democracy Player, it's impressive how far the program has come. As audio and video content continues to... Read More »

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uTorrent 2.0 looks to the future

uTorrent 2.0 introduces a new look via skins, but really what's important is under the hood.

A new protocol for managing heavily trafficked and bottlenecked torrents, a transfer cap with real-time updates, and a smoother installation will remind you why this torrent client deserves the attention it gets. Check out what it can do in this First Look video from CNET TV.

... Read More »

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