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With ever-increasing storage sizes on today's hard drives, most current PCs are capable of storing a vast amount of data. Gone are the days of backing up your files to a media disk; now you can safely stockpile all of that information on external drives and even in the cloud with services like Dropbox. But with the increasing size of our digital library, sifting through all of that data can be time-consuming. Copernic Desktop Search, one of... Read More &raquo

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See what's new in Thunderbird

The latest version of Thunderbird jumps from version 3 to version 5, matching its sibling Firefox as it joins Mozilla's rapid-release program. Thunderbird 5, available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is mostly a bug-fixing release that improves stability. It also shortens and improves the workflow for adding new e-mail accounts.

Watch what the program's got, and what it lacks, in this new First Look video.

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Thunderbird joins Firefox with rapid release

Stability and bug fixes marked yesterday's debut of Thunderbird 5, which like its better-known relation Firefox has adopted a rapid-release cycle. Version-number hawks will notice that Thunderbird 5, available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has skipped version 4 entirely so it can keep pace with Firefox. The new Thunderbird also follows some of Firefox's feature leads by incorporating version 5 of the Mozilla Gecko engine, supporting dragging to reorder tabs, and adding the in-tab add-on... Read More &raquo

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Thunderbird gets web-savvy with Contacts

One of the best features in the Thunderbird remix called Postbox was the deep and fluid integration of social networking contacts into the desktop e-mail client. Thunderbird itself has begun to get a taste of that power with Thunderbird Contacts, a version of Mozilla Contacts, a Firefox add-on that made the browser more socially aware.

Thunderbird Contacts is so new that Mozilla is still switching between that name and "Contacts for Thunderbird" in its blog post announcing... Read More &raquo

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Firefox, Thunderbird security fixes released

Mozilla published security repairs for Firefox and Thunderbird on Tuesday, which included updates for the legacy versions of both.

Firefox 3.6.7 for Windows, Mac, and Linux fixes 14 security bugs, including eight listed as critical, two high-level bugs, and four moderate ones. The critical bugs addressed problems such as DOM attribute cloning and remote and arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities in plug-in parameters, dangling pointers, and other miscellaneous memory safety hazards. Several stability repairs were also made.... Read More &raquo

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Thunderbird 3.1 lands better search, migration tools

Mozilla's open-source Outlook alternative Thunderbird gains an impressively fast and new way to search your e-mail, a new migration assistant, and a download manager in its latest update. Arriving on-time for its development calendar, Thunderbird 3.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux debuts several helpful new features, along with performance improvements and bug-fixes.

The biggest change to Thunderbird is the Quick Filter bar. Although the global search field was impressive when it was introduced in Thunderbird 3, Quick... Read More &raquo

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Chrome sparkles with Flash

Although Apple has famously denounced Adobe's Flash technology as being obsolete, Google's actions suggest it begs to differ. The Google Chrome Web browser now offers a "flashier" Web experience by incorporating Adobe Flash into its arsenal of features.

On the Mozilla side of things, the app-maker most known for Firefox has just released Thunderbird 3.1. It's a minor update, but it is still an important one that fixes multiple bugs and adds features like a quick... Read More &raquo

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Thunderbird gets minor point update

Mozilla released a minor update to its tabbed e-mail program Thunderbird 3 this week, in anticipation of the release of its next beta version.

Thunderbird 3.0.5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux includes several fixes to the user interface, improves message indexing and profile access on a network, and corrects an e-mail notification bug on Mac OS X.

The changelog for version 3.0.5 is available for your perusal. More than 60 bugs have been fixed since Thunderbird... Read More &raquo

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Another release candidate for Thunderbird 'Lanikai'

Mozilla published a second release candidate for the next build of Thunderbird on Wednesday. Judging from the public bug list, only one critical bug kept Thunderbird 3.1 Release Candidate 2 from becoming the final build of the current branch, code-named Lanikai.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, this second release candidate fixes one critical bug on Macs, one major bug on all platforms, and three ''normal'' priority bugs. The now-fixed Mac bug had caused the open-source e-mail client... Read More &raquo

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Thunderbird 'Lanikai' almost ready for daylight

The latest version of Mozilla's e-mail client is just about ready for public use, as the software publisher releases the first release candidate for Thunderbird 3.1, codenamed Lanikai. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Thunderbird 3.1 RC 1 makes few changes to from the previous Thunderbird beta. The new quick filter bar has added contact, tag, and attachment support, as well as the ability to pin a filter even as you switch folders. A far more minor... Read More &raquo

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