Starter Kit: Essential apps for your BlackBerry

So you've got a new BlackBerry? The good news is it comes with great features right out of the box. The better news is that there are hundreds of fun and functional third-party applications to power up your fresh hardware. In our BlackBerry Starter Kit, we've rounded up a few of the most essential ones to get you started.

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

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Daily Featured Freeware and MP3 of the Day

If you were fooled by my little April Fools' prank last week, don't feel too bad--so were two of the CNET software editors! After serving up that heaping helping of fake software, I did feel a bit guilty.

Luckily, I'll make it up to you this week with a much better April delivery: free software and music downloads.

Frequent visitors to may have noticed the new Free MP3 of the Day promotion that Music launched in January. The software... Read More &raquo

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Top 10 most popular stories of 2007

At CNET, we're aware that the majority of users only visit the site when they want to download the latest version of a specific software title or a specific type of software, e.g. something to convert Flash videos for your iPod or PSP. However, aside from the trusted downloadable software, games, and music that billions of users have come to know and love, also produces a large amount of original content, whether it's from the editors... Read More &raquo

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More mobileware!

What makes a cell phone more than a phone? What it can do. Software can elevate your plastic slider, candy bar, or PDA above its earthly mechanics and turn it into the kind of dream machine that entertains you and organizes your life.

Consider, for example, ListPro (for Pocket PC, Palm, and Smartphone), a handy organizer with a slew of built-in, customizable list templates for managing everything from your shopping to your calendar to the sudden surge of brilliance that will... Read More &raquo

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Learn something new with software

So ... what happened?! It seems like I should be sitting by a pool, sipping a fruity cocktail. However, the calendar claims that it's back-to-school season. (Most frighteningly, I saw my first Christmas advertisement yesterday.)

The end of August is an excellent time to optimize that old laptop for your son's freshman year of college, or to find great free software for empowering that new PC with an arsenal of goodies. Check out two collections of excellent back-to-school software: the first (with video!) from honor-roll assistant editor Jessica Dolcourt;... Read More &raquo

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Find friends online

There may be an excess of social-networking sites starting up these days, but the concept seems to be a permanent fixture on the Web landscape. Whether it's MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, or your own network, people love connecting with old friends and finding new ones online.

Most social-networking occurs via Web-based software in your browser, but there are several cool downloadable tools that you can also use to connect and communicate with friends and strangers online.

Video chat is exploding right now, and... Read More &raquo

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Leave the laptop behind with PortableApps

Most readers who use Windows are familiar with two kinds of software: applications that run within the Windows framework, and Web-based applications. Using the former requires access to your own computer; using the latter requires password management and an Internet connection.

Now, the growing availability of software that runs off portable devices makes schlepping your laptop home for the holidays less of a necessity. PortableApps Standard Suite turns your memory device--iPod, Darth Vader Flash drive or even your digital camera's... Read More &raquo

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