Friday 5: Pokemon Duel, Smithsonian Earth, Roku, Snapchat, Hulu

Welcome to the Friday 5! Every week, we'll bring you the most noteworthy apps for Android and iOS. This week, we have a new Pokemon game, a new streaming service from the Smithsonian, and notable updates of the Roku, Hulu, and Snapchat apps.

Pokemon Duel

The Pokemon gods dropped a surprise on the world this week with the unexpected launch of Pokemon Duel (Android, iOS). This tactical board game is a much different beast than the augmented-reality... Read More »

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Xbox One joins Microsoft's Universal Apps platform

Microsoft has announced that it's integrating the Xbox One game console into its Universal Windows Applications program. Announced during the run-up to Windows 10's release, Universal Windows Applications was first envisioned as a way to buy software in the Windows Store that was licensed for use on any device (mobile or desktop) running Windows 10. That original proposal did not include console games, so the addition is a major shift for the company.

Windows 10 users with Microsoft accounts can already... Read More »

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Socialcam for Android is a bust

While Socialcam appears to be one of the better video-sharing apps on iPhone, I certainly can't say the same about its sibling on the Android platform. See, after taking some time to review Socialcam for Android, I realized that the app is wrought with problems and in dire need of some attention from its developers.

The first problem I encountered was that Socialcam on Android only offers you the option to log in using Facebook, and much... Read More »

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Updated Twitter apps add Activity feed, better search

Twitter has just updated its iOS and Android apps, adding a few nifty features to the Discover, Search, and Notifications functions.

Now, under the Discover tab users will find a new Activity stream, just below the Discover stories that we're all used to seeing on the page. It shows who your connections follow, updates to their lists, and their retweets and favorites. This makes it easy to quickly see what your friends are up to on... Read More »

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Make your contact lists smarter on iPhone

How many contact lists do you have? A new iPhone app from Xobni unifies your contact lists into one app (already available for Android), helping you quickly find contact information from a number of sources.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone (Free) unifies your contacts by scanning your iPhone contact list and e-mail contacts, then grabbing information from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, to merge all the available data into a searchable supercharged contact list.

You start by adding your Gmail account,... Read More »

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Peel app updates to make TV social

A popular TV show and movie discovery app just got a major update during CES that adds social components to its already full-featured cable listing arsenal.

Peel Personal TV Show Guide (free) is an app that changes the way you watch TV by gathering your personal preferences and giving you recommendations on your iPhone based on the data.

The polished interface of Peel asks you a few questions upon launch so it can deliver the type of shows... Read More »

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Easy video effects apps for iOS

There are a ton of image-editing apps that add effects to your images, but what about video?

Anyone who uses an iPhone 4 or 4S knows the smartphone takes great-looking video, but your options are limited with the Apple app when it comes to adding effects. Don't underestimate the value of adding effects, either: a good effect can turn a mundane subject into a great video.

This week's collection of iOS apps is all about adding effects to your videos. The first... Read More »

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Best apps for Mac

Were you lucky enough to receive a new Mac laptop or desktop this holiday season?

Once you've booted up that shiny new Mac for the first time and have had a chance to look around, check out our Best apps for Mac to get the lowdown on great apps you can download. We feature both free and paid software in our collection and there's something from just about every category.

Whether you want a different browser than Safari, want to discover... Read More »

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Best apps for iPad

If somebody was nice enough to get you an iPad for the holidays, make them proud by decking it out with all the best apps.

We've rounded up our favorites so you don't have to wade through hundreds of thousands of apps in the iTunes App Store.

There's no question that the iPad is a great entertainment device, but there's more to it than just games if you know which apps to get. In this collection of Best apps for iPad,... Read More »

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Facebook for Android gets much-needed face-lift

Facebook started pushing out a shiny new app for Android today, which should have users of the previous version jumping for joy.

With the app's brand-new UI, users should now be able to zip around through photos, messages, and the News feed with ease.

The biggest improvement over the previous version of the Facebook app is its main navigation. Now, there are links to Friends Requests, Messages, and Notifications right at the top of your screen. This means you can respond... Read More »

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