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Facebook Reactions: like or dislike?

Facebook users have long asked for a Dislike button, or options other than Like. On February 24, Facebook answered with Reactions, emoji representing Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. You can add one by long-pressing the Like button in the mobile app or hovering over the Like button on desktop to see the animated options.

5 alternatives to Like

Reactions' global rollout is one of the most significant changes ever to hit Facebook, because the Like function is so widely used.... Read More »

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YourExtraLife adds game-like achievements to real life

YourExtraLife is part social network/experiment with a touch of video game, incorporated into one app. Recently released earlier this month on iOS, YourExtraLife is the creation of four indie developers out of Quebec, Canada. Their ambition is to create an app that can help people enjoy new experiences and emotions, and learn new skills through a variety of challenges. The end goal is to have users slowly move out of their comfort zone by trying... Read More »

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Lost without TweetDeck? Try these alternatives

The folks at Twitter announced Monday that the standalone TweetDeck apps for mobile will no longer be supported after May of this year. While Twitter says that it is putting more resources toward the Web version (which can easily be used on the desktop), there are surely plenty of people who are upset that their beloved mobile clients are going away.

For those of you looking for an alternative to TweetDeck, here are a few mobile apps that should prove... Read More »

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Turn your mobile devices into a walkie talkie

Walkie talkies have been around since before cell phones, but until now they weren't easily accessible on the same device. Sometimes when you need to send out a quick message, making a phone call can be time-consuming (especially if you don't have the time to chat), and sending out a text message can be a hassle. Typing out those longs strings of letters and hitting 'send' is a huge pain when you're juggling five things at once. That's where... Read More »

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Like? New Firefox adds Facebook integration

Facebook has accepted a friend request from Firefox and Mozilla's new Social API today, as the browser updates with several security and feature updates after yesterday's Firefox for Android update.

The biggest feature debut in Firefox 17 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) is the Social API, launching with Facebook Messenger, which allows participating social-networking sites to create persistent sidebar access to their site. Although most new browser technologies depend on entirely on how many... Read More »

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When in Roamz, do as the locals do (exclusive)

Roamz, the "intelligent" local discovery app for iOS, has just made its way to Android, bringing its social-powered local content to a swath of new users. The Android app has the capabilities of Roamz 2.0 for iOS (released in March 2012), but of course, it's wrapped in the stylings of an Android app, with its main navigation up top.

Related stories Roamz: Know more about the neighborhood you're in Loku location discovery app knows hip from haute Localmind gooses location-advice... Read More »

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Comixology offers free upgrade to HD comics

Comixology continues to dominate the mobile comics-reading app market with new features for its iOS app, including high-definition comics that take advantage of the new iPad's Retina Display.

Updated earlier this week, Comixology's Comics 3.1 (download) lets you read comics on the new iPad with double the resolution of comics on previous models. It also supports sharing your comments on comics via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail; and offers a Read Now button which lets you begin reading a comic before... Read More »

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Google+ for Android now shows you what's hot

Google+ for Android got a major update today, boosting its performance and adding a couple of significant features designed to improve your social networking experience.

Overall, the app runs a lot faster, and scrolling through the Stream is easier, as posts are truncated so you can see more content per scroll. Also, the app no longer jumps to the top of the feed when it refreshes, making it less, well, annoying.

As for features, the app now lets you see who +1'd... Read More »

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Wallflower stops sites from socializing

As social networking has gone mainstream, so have the flock of buttons embedded in Web pages to get you to promote a story on the multitude of social-networking services you use. One Web developer has written a quick-and-dirty add-on that hides two of those gnat-like buttons from view. Dietrich Ayala, a developer for Mozilla based in Portland, Ore., wrote a new add-on called Wallflower to cut down on the memory use of buttons that he found superfluous.

Wallflower is a... Read More »

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RockMelt makes an iPhone grab

Social networking Web browser RockMelt expanded its reach to the iPhone today, debuting a browser that synchronizes the desktop versions' features to your iPhone. These include the new Read Later option for saving URLs to be read in the future, as well as RockMelt's full Twitter and Facebook management tools.

This means that in addition to Twitter and Facebook basics, such as retweeting and wall posting, you can add photos, geotag, and open links on the fly. This last feature... Read More »

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