The hottest games of winter

This time of year brings all kinds of reasons to stay in and play a video game, whether you prefer console or computer. As the nights grow longer, we'll be firing up the hottest games of the season: Here are the four you won't want to miss this month and next, three more coming at the top of 2017, and the holiday deals and discounts to watch for.

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Find, download, and install Android apps safely

Android users have over 2 million apps to wade through when they visit the Google Play Store. And lots of third-party websites, including, also offer app downloads. How can you find the right app in a reasonable amount of time, make sure it's compatible with your device, and figure out whether the app and the store are legit? Here's how to safely and efficiently find, download, and install Android apps.

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Find, download, and install iOS apps safely from the App Store

Every time a popular app or game like Pokemon Go hits the top of the App Store charts, the copycats come out, and so do unlicensed complementary apps. Inevitably, some of those apps are junk; occasionally malware sneaks past Apple; and some apps are nosy, asking for more information and permissions than you should give up. Learn to navigate the App Store swiftly and safely with our guide to finding and vetting iOS... Read More &raquo

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Holiday shopping tips and tricks

On Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving in the US -- the retail floodgates officially open for holiday shopping. You may be experiencing some anxiety: Will you get the best deals? Are you going to the right websites? Can you avoid the mad rush and still get little Timmy that toy he's pining for? The most important thing is to make sure you're shopping safely, because a compromised credit card is a lump of coal that no... Read More &raquo

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Shop more safely on Cyber Monday

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is America's biggest shopping day, but Cyber Monday is catching up. Why camp outside a store for limited-quantity "door buster" deals when you can get goods online, snug on your couch with a cup of cocoa? However, you don't want to avoid the mall circus only to get your personal or financial info trampled by an insecure site. Here's how to shop more safely online.

Alternative payment methods

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10 unbeatable Black Friday shopping apps

The mall is a combat zone on Black Friday, and you need a strategy for snatching the prime deals and getting out quickly. Put these 10 apps in your arsenal for a fighting chance at getting everything you need at the lowest possible prices. And for the top tech deals, check out CNET's Black Friday guide.

Giftster Wish List Registry (iOS, Android)

Don't play the guessing game about what friends and family want, or risk your... Read More &raquo

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10 shopping apps to add to your arsenal this holiday season

As Turkey Day approaches, so does the the much-dreaded shopping season with its onslaught of store "deals" and half-sales competing to pry you away from your hard-earned cash. But if you're anything like me, then you probably haven't gotten your Christmas shopping strategy together yet. That means venturing off into the unknown and hoping that you won't get ripped off too badly.

But this year I made a commitment to get my act together and shop sensibly. Armed with... Read More &raquo

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Google Catalogs: The almost awesome shopping app

For Android Honeycomb users, Google Catalogs could've served as an incredibly useful mobile shopping tool this holiday season.

It aggregates catalogs from over a hundred popular retailers, lets you search through and mark favorite products, and gives you links to make purchases directly from retailers' sites. It even lets you create and share visually stunning collages with friends. Unfortunately (for us and for Google), the app appears to be marred by a few performance issues that can't be overlooked.

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iOS shopping apps: bar code scanners

This week's post is a special early edition of my weekly iOS app collection. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and though I can't help you beat the lines or navigate through the crowds, I've rounded up a few apps that might make your holiday shopping a tiny bit easier.

These apps are made for price-checking on the go, so you know you're getting the lowest price for the item in front of you. The best apps... Read More &raquo

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Black Friday apps for the big screen

Black Friday is almost here, and if you're the type who likes to avoid the shopping rush like the plague, I may have the perfect collection of iPad apps for you.

Instead of getting up early and waiting in crowded lines for the doors to open, how about sitting on your couch with an iPad and a cup of coffee, and getting your holiday shopping done in peace? It's true that you probably won't get the super mega deals found by... Read More &raquo

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