Apple responds to WikiLeaks CIA docs

In response to purported CIA documents released by WikiLeaks, Apple said late Tuesday that its "initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS, we will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities."

The leaked documents include thousands of pages detailing CIA hacking tools and methods that allegedly give the agency access to, among other tech devices, iPhones and Android phones, Samsung TVs, Wi-Fi networks, and Skype.

Despite initial... Read More »

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Microsoft revamps Windows 10 privacy settings

It's no secret that Windows 10 collects an unprecedented amount of user data, especially if left to its default settings. Now ZDNet reports that Microsoft is changing the operating system's privacy and security settings, in the midst of legal threats from regulators in France and Switzerland.

Microsoft's overhaul now collects your data in a Web-based privacy dashboard that you can access by logging in to your Microsoft account. The Windows 10 installation process will also be... Read More »

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4 things you need to know about antivirus apps


An antivirus app can help protect you against a variety of malicious computer activity that's generally referred to as "malware." A virus is a type of malware that can make copies of itself and transmit those copies to other devices, usually in a stealthy manner. If you are shopping for an antivirus... Read More »

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Monitor family and friends with Google's Trusted Contacts

Google's new Trusted Contacts app for Android lets you check on family and friends to see if they are safe and OK.

To get started, launch what Google calls its "personal safety app" and add the people you want to stay in close contact with.

The person being tracked needs to have the Android app installed, but trusted contacts can check on the person and view their location via a Web browser. Contacts can also request to see someone's location... Read More »

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Secure messaging apps

Messaging apps: We're using them more often, to perform a broadening variety of tasks -- sharing photos and documents, ordering food, making payments, summoning chatbots for help. For many users, messaging is already preferable to email and phone calls. But the more you do with your messaging apps, and the more personal information you entrust to them, the more protection they should offer.

The truth is, not all messengers are secure messaging apps. They differ greatly in their privacy... Read More »

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Two-step verification on Windows and Mac

Two-step verification is a way to give your accounts more protection than just a password or PIN. If you use a verification app like Google Authenticator (iOS, Android), you log in to your account (email, bank, Amazon, and so on) with your username and password, and the app sends a temporary code to your phone that's the final key to get into your account. But if you want to generate verification codes on your desktop... Read More »

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Find, download, and install Android apps safely

Android users have over 2 million apps to wade through when they visit the Google Play Store. And lots of third-party websites, including, also offer app downloads. How can you find the right app in a reasonable amount of time, make sure it's compatible with your device, and figure out whether the app and the store are legit? Here's how to safely and efficiently find, download, and install Android apps.

Where to get Android... Read More »

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Find, download, and install iOS apps safely from the App Store

Every time a popular app or game like Pokemon Go hits the top of the App Store charts, the copycats come out, and so do unlicensed complementary apps. Inevitably, some of those apps are junk; occasionally malware sneaks past Apple; and some apps are nosy, asking for more information and permissions than you should give up. Learn to navigate the App Store swiftly and safely with our guide to finding and vetting iOS... Read More »

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Pokemon Go's major security loophole

Update 7/12/16: Niantic Labs has updated Pokemon Go on iOS to version 1.01. "Fixed Google account scope" is among the changes, which indicates that the previous issue with the app's permissions has been addressed. Pokemon Go on iOS now just asks for the username and email address associated with your Google account, which is normal behavior.

Original story follows:

Pokemon Go, the Android and iOS game that's exploded in popularity over the last few days, has a big privacy and... Read More »

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WhatsApp Messenger gets major privacy upgrade

Today WhatsApp (iOS, Android), used by approximately 1 billion people worldwide, announced end-to-encryption throughout its network, for all types of messages (texts, videos, phone calls) shared within its app. With end-to-end encryption, even the company itself cannot view the contents of your communications. All the bits sent from one WhatsApp user to another are scrambled in a way that cannot be unscrambled by anyone except the sender and the recipient.

This upgrade does not require... Read More »

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