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Microsoft revamps Windows 10 privacy settings

It's no secret that Windows 10 collects an unprecedented amount of user data, especially if left to its default settings. Now ZDNet reports that Microsoft is changing the operating system's privacy and security settings, in the midst of legal threats from regulators in France and Switzerland.

Microsoft's overhaul now collects your data in a Web-based privacy dashboard that you can access by logging in to your Microsoft account. The Windows 10 installation process will also be... Read More »

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Secure messaging apps

Messaging apps: We're using them more often, to perform a broadening variety of tasks -- sharing photos and documents, ordering food, making payments, summoning chatbots for help. For many users, messaging is already preferable to email and phone calls. But the more you do with your messaging apps, and the more personal information you entrust to them, the more protection they should offer.

The truth is, not all messengers are secure messaging apps. They differ greatly in their privacy... Read More »

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Introducing the Security and Antivirus Center

Can you believe summer has officially started? I hope you all have some wonderful activities planned. We have some team members that are getting ready to head to New York City later this summer for Affiliate Summit East. If you're going, too, we'd love to meet up.

We are very excited to tell you about's latest offering! In an effort to take us back to our roots and provide our users with the security content they seek, we've created The Security and Antivirus Center.... Read More »

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