Scan and deliver all of your hidden files with CDS

With ever-increasing storage sizes on today's hard drives, most current PCs are capable of storing a vast amount of data. Gone are the days of backing up your files to a media disk; now you can safely stockpile all of that information on external drives and even in the cloud with services like Dropbox. But with the increasing size of our digital library, sifting through all of that data can be time-consuming. Copernic Desktop Search, one of... Read More »

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Google goes private in new Firefox

The latest update to Firefox brings better security to search and to the URL bar, as the browser gets OS X and HTML5 tweaks, too.

The biggest change to Firefox 14 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux,) is that it runs HTTPS for all Google searches. This means that prying eyes, especially over public networks, won't be able to intercept your queries. Though Firefox currently supports this only for Google, Mozilla said in a blog post announcing... Read More »

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Firefox flirts with Blekko for 'instant' search

Mozilla may not have a dedicated in-house search engine division the way that Google and Microsoft do, but it does have a new partnership with alterna-search Blekko.

The Blekko add-on (download), developed by Mozilla Labs' Prospector team, aims to cut down on the repetitive search behaviors of many Firefox users. Mozilla says that its research indicates that people often search for the same term, not because they're looking to find it again but because they're attempting to navigate elsewhere.... Read More »

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Finding hotels on Hipmunk is 'ecstasy'

The innovative travel search service Hipmunk is ringing in the new year by adding powerful hotel search capability to its mobile apps.

While hotel search has been available on Hipmunk's Web site for quite some time, users of the native Android and iOS apps are only getting the function starting today.

For those not familiar with Hipmunk, it's a travel site and mobile application, similar to Kayak, that offers a unique way of searching for flights... Read More »

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What's Firefox worth to Google? Nearly $1 billion

Don't let the StatCounters and the NetApplications of the world fool you: despite stagnant and even slightly negative market share growth, Firefox and its default search box is still extremely valuable to Google.

How valuable? The three-year default search deal that Firefox's nonprofit parent company, Mozilla, just inked with Google is worth nearly $300 million per year, according to unnamed sources who spoke to AllThingsD.

In a statement to AllThingsD, Google's senior vice president of search, Alan... Read More »

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Updated Google+ for Android now offers search

A new version of Google+ for Android just hit the Market, and it includes Search.

One of the most user-requested features, according to Google, the new Search icon lets you quickly find posts or people on Google+ right from the app's Dashboard.

The update also includes a nice feature that lets you see who's online and currently typing in Messenger conversations. And to start your own Messenger conversation, now you can just enter a phone number.

Other improvements include higher-resolution photo uploads,... Read More »

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Google Goggles 1.6 powers up your Android camera

Today, Google Goggles for Android jumped up to version 1.6, and gained a super neat feature that enhances your Android camera's powers. The new opt-in Search from Camera feature lets Goggles automatically perform an image-based search in the background, whenever you snap a photo.

Here's how it works. After you've updated your Google Goggles app, launch it, tap Menu, then Settings. Then go ahead and enable Search from Camera.

From there, any time you use your Android camera to snap... Read More »

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Yahoo AppSpot gets to know you, makes recommendations

Available for Android and iPhone as of today, Yahoo AppSpot (download: Android | iPhone) recommends new apps to download based on the apps you already have and the apps you've searched for in the past. It's a great way to discover new downloads when you don't necessarily want to peruse the hundreds of thousands of listings in the Android Market or the Apple App Store.

For each user, AppSpot provides a personalized daily serving of app recommendations. Trending apps... Read More »

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Google Goggles 1.4 means better business card recognition

Google Goggles for Android jumped to version 1.4 today, and introduced a few significant features that should improve your overall visual search experience.

Search history now enables you to add personal notes to Goggles results, which is a helpful tool for keeping your search history organized, especially if you're conducting any kind of photo-based research. And when you find something interesting, you can easily share it (with or without notes) via the built-in Share function.

Also, in an attempt to make... Read More »

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Chrome extension forces secure Google searches

Google now offers an extension for Chrome that automates the process of adding the secure Google search site as a search engine to the Chrome 6.x branch. Google SSL Web Search is an extension, still in beta, that works with Chrome 6.0.419.0 and later on Windows and Linux computers.

First released in June 2010, installing the extension opens up a configuration window with a single button that will open Chrome's "add search engine" window. Here, you can set a... Read More »

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