Private browsing on iPhone and Mac

Web browsing can expose you to ad trackers, spam, and snoops. But it's easy to block those privacy invaders -- just put your native Safari app in Private Mode. When you browse in Private Mode from your Mac or iOS device, Safari won't remember your visited pages, search history, or AutoFill information.

Private browsing on Mac

Start Safari on your Mac (running OS X Yosemite or later). Click to open the File menu on the top left and scroll... Read More »

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6 browsers to change the way you surf the Web

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are the most popular gateways to the Internet, but if you find these mainstream browsers lacking, we have six feature-rich alternatives worth checking out.

Chrome alternative

Opera (Windows, Mac)

Opera is best known for innovating browser features that become essential, such as tabs and Speed Dial (a visual grid displaying bookmarks and favorite sites). Since Opera adopted WebKit and began taking code from the Chromium Project, it has become a great Google Chrome alternative. Opera... Read More »

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Apple pushes out OS X 10.7.4 with new Safari in tow

Apple today released 10.7.4, the fourth minor update to Lion, and one that squashes a number of bugs and patches a security hole.

Among the fixes is one for Apple's FileVault data encryption technology, which cropped up in an earlier update. That issue kept user passwords in a log file that was stored in plain text if a user had upgraded from past versions of OS X.

Other notable changes include a new version of Safari (version 5.1.6), which... Read More »

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Does your browser feed the cookie monster--or starve it?

Google's latest public display of cookie addiction revealed that while the ad side of Google enthusiastically embraces third-party cookies, the browser division is more hesitant. Here's how the five major browsers--Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera--protect you from those third-party tracking cookies.

But first: what's a tracking cookie? And why are they so important as a component of your online privacy?

A tracking cookie can be used to follow people around the Web as they jump from site to site.... Read More »

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Safari updated with stability improvements and fixes

Apple released Safari 5.1.2 (Mac or Windows) to users today, adding some fixes and stability improvements to its official Web browser.

A must-download for any Safari user, the update includes various improvements to stability, addresses issues that caused hangs and excessive memory usage, and will now allow PDFs to display within Web content.

The update also addresses an issue that would cause Web sites to flash white while browsing.

The full list of feature enhancements and fixes is not yet available... Read More »

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Default mobile browsers compared: Safari vs. Android

The new iOS 5 brings a refreshed mobile Safari, while Android's nameless Browser has been holding steady as the stalwart of Google's mobile operating system. I looked at two iterations of the latest browsers for iOS and Android: Safari for iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S, and the Android Browser for Gingerbread 2.3.4 on the Droid Bionic.

Although they come from two companies locked in fierce competition for users, the browsers are both built on the WebKit rendering engine and... Read More »

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War of the browser updates

This week, we report back from the annual Black Hat conference held in Las Vegas. Among the news is word of the newest features coming to the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta. Aside from tabs on top, new add-on features, HTML5, and a new JavaScript engine, the foxy browser incurred some important security repairs. The most notable fix is a decade-old vulnerability that affects browsers universally. Also, we give you some tips on how to use Firefox' new... Read More »

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Safari autofill exploit can reveal user data

The autofill option in Apple's Safari browser can expose personal data without the user's consent, a security researcher reported on Wednesday. It remains unclear as to whether the problem affects Safari specifically or all WebKit-based browsers, which include Google Chrome. It's recommended that Safari and Chrome users disable the autofill feature immediately, until further notice.

Jeremiah Grossman, the chief technical officer of WhiteHat Security, documented the exploit in a blog post on Wednesday, saying that it affects both the... Read More »

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Safari 5: Fast like a cheetah, tame like a house cat

After a bit of hesitation, Apple released a major update to its WebKit-based Safari browser on Monday. Safari 5 for Windows and Mac comes with several big feature announcements. There's the new Reader option for streamlining articles reading, broader support for HTML5, default support for searches on Bing, and performance improvements. However, the biggest new feature of them all--Extensions--won't be available until later this summer, and depending on what you're looking for in a browser, Safari can... Read More »

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Safari 5: First Look video

With all the excitement this week surrounding the announcement of the iPhone 4, it almost seemed like an afterthought that Safari 5 became available on the same day. In fact, Steve Jobs didn't even mention the major update during his keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference. But we've had a chance to check out the latest features for Apple's flagship Web browser, and we're impressed with most everything Apple has done.

Check out our First Look video for Safari... Read More »

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