Chrome to ditch unique ID, sort of

In a recent white paper on security in Chrome, Google let it slip that one of the most controversial features it's added to the Chromium source code will be going away after the first program update check. The white paper (PDF) states that the "unique ID," which Google says it introduced to Chrome as a way to keep track of installation success, will be deleted after the program checks for updates for the first time. This means that if... Read More »

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Identity Finder's new free privacy application

Identity Finder released a free version of its Windows privacy application that's aimed at in-betweeners who worry enough about identity fraud to seek a privacy application, but not enough to trade vigilance for cash.

Of course, that's only one way to look at Identity Finder Free, introduced Thursday. Another is its role to attract spenders to a product family they may not otherwise be aware of or interested in. And why not? All's fair in business promotions during acute economic... Read More »

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Firefox 3.1 to gain modicum of privacy

Of the two big browsing features of 2008, one seems to run counter to where developers are driving their browsers. The melding of the location bar to the search bar was expected in Firefox and Opera, thanks to beta versions. Chrome has it, too, calling it the Omnibar. What seems to have caught developers off-guard has been the clamor for a universal switch to stop the cache and browsing history from recording anything at all.

Microsoft's InPrivate... Read More »

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Rediscovering Identity Finder

Ask yourself this: Should a hacker leap over your firewall and duck your antivirus to successfully deliver a rootkit and poke around your system, what would the thieving perp find?

Unless you've painstakingly encrypted every instance of your driver's license, bank account, and mother's maiden name there's a good chance your privacy jig could be up were someone to apply the right kind of malicious script. Identity Finder seeks out, and shreds or encrypts personal data sprinkled throughout your... Read More »

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Stealth Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a great, free tool for keeping in touch with your friends, but what if you only want a few of your contacts to know you're available to chat? Tom Merritt has your fix with a Quick Tip about Stealth Settings in Yahoo Messenger. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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