Edit like a pro with Zoner Photo Studio 15, now 60 percent off

Update May 9, 2013: This offer has been extended, thanks to the folks over at Zoner!

The full-featured image-editing suite Zoner Photo Studio 15 has a bit of something for everyone, from budding amateurs to eager enthusiasts to professional photographers. Whether you need to retouch a few snapshots or batch edit huge photo collections, ZPS has you covered. Need to organize your entire image gallery? Try Zoner Photo Studio's built-in Manager feature. You can create beautiful panoramas, have... Read More »

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Top 3 photo collage apps for Android

Sometimes it takes more than a single photo to capture a moment. Collage apps on Android have become increasingly popular, because they give users much more freedom to express their photography and enables them to create unique galleries. And with the ongoing trend of increasing screen sizes, check out these apps to Insta-photobomb your friends on that big and shiny phablet display of yours.

KD Collage

KD Collage includes templates for just about as many photos as you'd... Read More »

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Do more than add photo effects on iOS

I've written about several iOS apps here that add effects to your photos, but most are just for adding a retro look, tuning your images, or making a photo look hip for social networking sites. I've found some great ones like PhotoToaster, Photogene2, and SnapSeed, but there's another genre of apps that make even more drastic changes to your images.

This week's collection of iOS apps is about taking your photos to the extreme. The first turns your... Read More »

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From photos to drawings on iOS

Even on the first day the iTunes App Store launched there were photo apps that let you manipulate and edit images on iPhone. The App Store has come a long way since then and, with new iPhones with faster processors and better cameras, the apps have gotten significantly better as well.

This week's collection of apps is all about making your photos look like drawings. The first lets you see selected effects in real time even before you take the shot,... Read More »

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Instagram lets you share your best photos fast

Instagram is a long-time favorite photo app with users that lets you apply retro filters to your iPhone photos to turn quick mobile shots into art. It's easy to use, makes sharing photos simple and fun, and, best of all, it's free. The app has been out for quite some time and is extremely popular with users, but if you haven't had a chance to check it out, we think it's an app just about anyone can appreciate. Just beware:... Read More »

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Top photography apps for iPhone

For the past couple of years, I have been writing the iPhone apps of the week in this space. But we've decided that instead of the same old app rundown, we're going to do something a little different. Starting this week, we're going to be putting together three apps that fulfill a specific theme. We're going to try to introduce one or two new apps and put them alongside older classics in the category. This way, you will be able... Read More »

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Miniaturize your world and play an RTS remake: iPhone apps of the week

Among the news items this week from the world of Apple, the folks over at AppleInsider uncovered a rumor that Apple may be having a launch event next week for a new line of MacBook Pros. According to the story, this would put the launch event a week ahead of schedule.

As usual, Apple remains tight-lipped about what features will be unveiled in the new laptops, but the one sure thing is that it will include Intel's latest generation Sandy... Read More »

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Better HDR images and arcade football: iPhone apps of the week

When iOS 4.2 was released, I didn't update my iPhone right away. I waited until I was back from Thanksgiving vacation, where I could sync my iPhone on my home computer. Once I got home, like any responsible iPhone user, I backed up my iPhone first then hit the update button. From there it went through its usual process of downloading the update, some rebooting of the phone, and the rest of the updating procedure. Everything seemed to be running... Read More »

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Creative image projects and driving with zombies: iPhone apps of the week

The big news this week in the world of iOS devices is that we are drawing ever closer to iOS 4.2, the update that will add new features and bring the iPad up to speed with the feature set on the iPhone 4.

As noted by our own Josh Lowensohn a couple of days ago, iOS 4.2 for iPad has been seeded to developers so they can get started bringing their apps up to date. With iOS 4.2... Read More »

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Photos to Facebook and grenade-tossing goodness: iPhone apps of the week

One of the big iPhone news items this week revolved around an app I wrote about in the June 11 edition of iPhone apps of the week. Apparently, Taptaptap, developer of Camera+ (not currently available at the App Store) recently added a feature called "VolumeSnap" that would allow users to snap pictures using the iPhone volume controls on the side of the device. Apple pulled Camera+ from the iTunes App Store saying the app violated Apple's developer agreement... Read More »

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