Apps for easy photo sharing

You have so many options for sharing photos with friends and family: social media, cloud services, photo sites, email, messaging apps. But you can make sharing even simpler. Give one these five apps access to your photos, and they'll share with your friends -- with a tap, with a swipe, or automatically.

Moments (iOS, Android)

Facebook's Moments app groups your photos based on who's in them and when and where the photos were shot. Then the app gives... Read More »

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Get Facebook Moments or lose your Synced photos

Remember when Facebook quit letting you chat in app and made you download Messenger? Now the same thing is happening to your Synced photos on iOS. You must download and log in to Moments before July 7 if you don't want Facebook to delete those images. (Don't worry about your other photos and albums on Facebook: Nothing will happen to them.)

Synced (called Synced From Phone on the desktop) was a private Facebook album of pictures copied from your... Read More »

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Apple's Live Photos: can you share them?

Live Photos is one of the most interesting Apple photo features ever, and it's coming with iPhone 6S, which starts shipping this week. You simply shoot a photo as you always do, and the iPhone captures the second and a half before the shot and the second and a half after to create a combination JPEG and MOV that looks like a mini video. You can even set one as your wallpaper.

While we've seen some enticing... Read More »

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48-hour giveaway: ACDSee Pro 6

Editor's Note: 4:40 p.m. PST 9/3/2014 UPDATE: Unfortunately we are unable to continue this promotion due to a fault in the ACDSee license key dispersal system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will continue to secure more fruitful giveaways in the future. Sorry about that folks.

2:50 p.m. PST 9/3/2014 - Due to an overwhelming response, ACDSee's registration site is experiencing difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience... Read More »

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9 apps for the 4th of July

We celebrate the Fourth of July with backyard BBQ and "Independence Day" reruns. But the holiday's about honoring America's fiercely independent spirit and the patriots who fought for our enduring political freedoms. Nothing symbolizes the spirit of independence better than fireworks, which have been part of Fourth of July festivities since 1777. To find, photograph, or even play with fireworks, check out our picks for the best fireworks-themed apps.


Not sure where to go for the best view of... Read More »

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Get Zoner Photo Studio for free

Update May 16, 2014: This offer has been extended until Sunday, May 18, 2014, thanks to the folks over at Zoner!

For the next48 hours, you can grab a copy of Zoner Photo Studio 15 PRO for free. A popular full-featured suite, Photo Studio is a regular favorite with our editors and audience. Both professional and amateur photographers can greatly benefit from this easy-to-learn image manager and editor. With a plethora of tools, settings, and customizability,... Read More »

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Snapseed X Google+: Adding smiles one photo at a time

On Thursday, Google rolled out some key features to enhance their Photos+ service, not only showcasing some powerful editing tools for users, but also leveraging their Native Client (NaCL) technology for Chrome.

Since buying out Nik Software's SnapSeed, Google's been hard at work incorporating their editing tools directly within Google+, and even Android. Earlier in the year, Google introduced 'Auto Awesome' for Android, which automatically analyzes each of your mobile photos and attempts... Read More »

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FX Photo Studio is the quick solution to creating great images

Photographers of any skill level, from amateur to professional, will appreciate FX Photo Studio Pro's offerings of tools and filters. With over 150 effects to choose from and manual controls to adjust critical elements of your photos, FX Photo Studio makes a great addition to any Editor's toolbox.

Ideal for when you need to make crucial adjustments to your images quickly, FX Photo Studio's layout will win over novices and professionals, alike, with its approachable and intuitive interface. ... Read More »

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Manga-fy yourself with Otaku Camera

While Bleach and One Piece go on hiatus, why not make your own manga-fied version of life in the meantime? Otaku Camera makes your photos look like an action scene from a Japanese comic. You can add headlines, crazy sound effects, and many other common effects from manga comics.

The free version includes a small number of general overlay effects, but more can be downloaded from the built-in App Store. You can also add featured... Read More »

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Get creative with Corel Paint It and Painter Lite for only $39.99, a 65% savings

From the weekend Picassos to the accomplished digital Michelangelos, Corel can get you inspired to make some gorgeous digital art with its Paint It and Painter Lite software.

Paint It gives you the ability to add personal touches to any photos. More than a basic filter, Paint It lets you control the creative process with a variety of tools including multiple painting styles, brushes, and realistic effects. Restore details, brighten colors, and add... Read More »

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