Apps for easy photo sharing

You have so many options for sharing photos with friends and family: social media, cloud services, photo sites, email, messaging apps. But you can make sharing even simpler. Give one these five apps access to your photos, and they'll share with your friends -- with a tap, with a swipe, or automatically.

Moments (iOS, Android)

Facebook's Moments app groups your photos based on who's in them and when and where the photos were shot. Then the app gives... Read More »

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Get Facebook Moments or lose your Synced photos

Remember when Facebook quit letting you chat in app and made you download Messenger? Now the same thing is happening to your Synced photos on iOS. You must download and log in to Moments before July 7 if you don't want Facebook to delete those images. (Don't worry about your other photos and albums on Facebook: Nothing will happen to them.)

Synced (called Synced From Phone on the desktop) was a private Facebook album of pictures copied from your... Read More »

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Apple's Live Photos: can you share them?

Live Photos is one of the most interesting Apple photo features ever, and it's coming with iPhone 6S, which starts shipping this week. You simply shoot a photo as you always do, and the iPhone captures the second and a half before the shot and the second and a half after to create a combination JPEG and MOV that looks like a mini video. You can even set one as your wallpaper.

While we've seen some enticing... Read More »

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Loom lets you intelligently sync photos Dropbox-style across your devices

There are many photo storage services available out there competing for the right to hold our digital memories. Apps like Instagram and Flickr were designed to make sharing photos online easier but were not specifically designed for private storage. Cloud depositories like Dropbox or Google Drive work amazingly well with documents and spreadsheets but not with images or movies. Loom comes onto the scene with a fantastic app to tackle a specific... Read More »

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Do more than add photo effects on iOS

I've written about several iOS apps here that add effects to your photos, but most are just for adding a retro look, tuning your images, or making a photo look hip for social networking sites. I've found some great ones like PhotoToaster, Photogene2, and SnapSeed, but there's another genre of apps that make even more drastic changes to your images.

This week's collection of iOS apps is about taking your photos to the extreme. The first turns your... Read More »

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Photogene for iOS gets a complete overhaul

There are tons of photo-editing apps in the iTunes App Store, but a recent update to an old favorite might be one of the best yet. It's called Photogene 2 and it offers so many tools that it's almost like it does the job of multiple apps.

Photogene 2 (99 cents until November 17) is the successor of a favorite photo-editing app of ours on iOS, and this completely rebuilt version is definitely worth checking out. To start off, a... Read More »

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Lock up your photos on iOS

Now that just about everyone has high-quality cameras on their phones, people's smartphones have become the main repository for all their photos. This can be great for showing off photos of your kids or reminiscing about an event in the past. But what about when you leave your phone on your desk or coffee table--do you really want people to have access to all your pictures?

This week's iOS app collection provides a way to create a locked folder on your... Read More »

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Nero 11 multimedia suite does it all

Released today, version 11 of Nero's one-stop multimedia suite adds a more integrated interface, photobook printing, picture-in-picture video support, and so much more to what was already an impressive list of editing, burning, backup, and organization tools. With its solid basic features and its new higher-level additions, it appears to be a potential workflow solution for casual media enthusiasts and prosumers alike.

With an improved user experience in mind, Nero's developers have reconstructed the suite with each of its... Read More »

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Orb Live hits Android, adds Hulu

Meet Orb Live for Android, a versatile media app that lets you stream free Hulu content, premium videos, and even your home media library right to your Android device. Since it requires no subscription fee, its $9.99 download price may just be a great deal for those of us wishing for more multimedia on the go.

Here's how it works. First, install Orb Caster on your PC or Mac (for free), and point the program to your multimedia folders... Read More »

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From photos to drawings on iOS

Even on the first day the iTunes App Store launched there were photo apps that let you manipulate and edit images on iPhone. The App Store has come a long way since then and, with new iPhones with faster processors and better cameras, the apps have gotten significantly better as well.

This week's collection of apps is all about making your photos look like drawings. The first lets you see selected effects in real time even before you take the shot,... Read More »

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