Adobe and Java vulnerabilities leave Windows open for exploitation

A recent report by the AV-Test Institute found that exploits in Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Java account for 66 percent of Windows systems affected by malware.

In a 10-year-plus study, AV-Test uncovered that one exploit for Adobe Reader had nearly 37,000 recorded variants that exploited user machines with high levels of precision. Users with outdated software or versions known to be susceptible stood virtually no chance of avoiding malware damage without some form of protective... Read More »

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Soda PDF goes 3D

Soda PDF, the popular Adobe Acrobat alternative, jumped to version 2012 today.

All three editions--Standard, Professional, and Pro + OCR--have been outfitted with a redesigned user interface and improved PDF editing features. Now, users can split PDF documents or extract specific pages in just one click. Also, simple operations like selecting text and rearranging elements should be a bit easier.

But the biggest addition to the product is Soda's new 3D View. This patent-pending technology presents PDF files like a book, allowing... Read More »

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Nitro PDF Reader jumps to 2.0

Nitro PDF Reader, recipient of a 2010 CNET Editors' Choice Award, has officially jumped to version 2.0. After spending 12 months in beta, Nitro PDF Reader 2.0 comes to us with a host of big-time features, several bug fixes, and other minor enhancements. Some of the most important additions to 2.0 include:

Web browser integration Now you can preview PDF files from within Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

Nitro PDF Creator 2 As if the original built-in PDF creator wasn't enough, now you... Read More »

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Foxit revamps its PDF lineup

Foxit, widely recognized as No. 2 behind Adobe in the PDF software market, has revamped its lineup.

Already respected by many consumers as a faster and lighter alternative to Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Reader has jumped all the way up to version 5.0. This new build is now capable of XFA form-filling, which means users can complete PDF forms electronically without having to print and fill in by hand. Also, version 5.0 displays a significantly improved user interface, allowing... Read More »

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Security, interface improvements land in Chrome

The stable version of Google Chrome received multiple security fixes this week, including four rated as "high," while the developer's version adopted an interface tweak to create more room for extension icons.

Google Chrome dev 6.0.453.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux consolidates the former page control menu into the customization menu that's accessible from the wrench icon. This clears space on the toolbar for an extra extension icon, as well as giving a stronger visual presence to the... Read More »

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Foxit Reader stumbles into version 4

Foxit Reader has long been the most visible Windows alternative to Adobe Reader, but in the latest update this popular freeware falters. How far it's stumbled depends on how annoyed you get at installation shenanigans. Granted, there are some useful new features added, but where the jump from version 2 to version 3 cut bloat while adding in a few features, version 4 adds some new features while also throwing some unpleasant curve balls your way.

The setup process has... Read More »

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Nitro reads PDFs right, earns Editors' Choice

Alternative free PDF readers have become something of a cottage industry in software, and Nitro just rewrote the instruction manual. A company known for its trialware-only versions of PDF readers, the new Nitro PDF Reader (32-bit | 64-bit) does just about everything the consumer could want in a free reader.

The company not only includes essential PDF reading and editing features at no cost to users, but there are no hidden tricks. There's no watermarking, no toolbars... Read More »

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Nuance's bold PDF reader goes free

Editors' note: After the program launch, the PDF conversion feature started functioning properly. Additional comments have been added below.

Nuance brings its crisp interface to a new free PDF reader, and it's got a decent feature set that should appeal to casual PDF users. Exclusive today on CNET Download.com for its first day of release, Nuance PDF Reader 6.0 is a strong entry to the growing field of zero-cost Adobe Reader alternatives such as Foxit Reader.

Nuance comes with two toolbars.... Read More »

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PrimoPDF makeover small but useful

There's little that's sexy or even slightly interesting about PDF creation, which is why PrimoPDF has become one of the better PDF-creation programs. In the past, it's done the job of casual PDF creation right the first time you use it, and with a minimum of fuss. It hasn't been without its drawbacks, but the latest version--PrimoPDF 5--addresses most of those.

If you're unfamiliar with the program, it installs itself as a "PDF printer" so that you can use any... Read More »

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