First look: Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi, a Web browser now in tech preview, caters to power users who expect more from their browsers, letting them interact with content in new and exciting ways. Created by former Opera developers, Vivaldi is built on Chromium, the same platform used for Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, and, of course, Opera.

On the surface, Vivaldi looks similar to other browsers, but a plethora of tools lie beneath that unassuming interface. Here are our six favorites.

Speed Dial

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Opera releases Coast for iPhone

Opera has released its Coast Web browser for the iPhone. Originally available only on iPad, Coast for iPhone now brings content-centric Web browsing to your pocket.

According to Opera, Coast's features have been optimized for maximum reach on iPhone screens. You navigate via gestures and swipes, and additional features are tucked away in two menu buttons.

Similarly to Google, Coast makes quick suggestions as you type in your search words. The iPhone version also syncs with the iPad version, provided... Read More »

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Meet Coast -- polished and intuitive Web browsing by Opera

On Monday, Opera released a new tablet browser redesigned from the ground up that blurs the lines between app and Web.

Coast, as the browser is called, is an attempt by Opera to mimic the nativity of iOS and bring that to the Web browsing experience. The result is a Web browser that basically acts and feels like a cross between iOS and the old WebOS platform.

By stripping away the buttons and menu of most conventional Web browsers, Coast brings pages... Read More »

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Opera 15 curates the Web

On Tuesday, Opera Software hit a new milestone with the final release of Opera browser for Windows and Mac. Highlights of this release include a complete migration over to the Chromium engine, as well as some new tools for improved content discovery.

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Opera for Android goes off-roading

On Tuesday, Opera for Android finally graduated from beta and into the final release zone, becoming available on the Google Play store.

After a recent announcement about overhauling their browser and migrating to Webkit from their homemade Presto engine, Opera has been hard at work at redefining the browsing experience from the ground up. Since the release of beta and the move to Webkit, Opera's team has directed their focus toward what they believe to be more... Read More »

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Opera to sing WebKit's tune on mobile -- report

The Opera Browser will be rebuilding its mobile browsers using WebKit and a new interface that nearly entirely ditches the traditional browser buttons called Opera Ice, according to a leaked video acquired by Pocket-Lint.com.

Ice is not Opera's first dalliance with WebKit, as its current iOS offerings are also built with the WebKit engine. However, the current iOS Opera runs its server-side compression with Opera's Presto engine. It's not clear that that will continue with Ice, which apparently will... Read More »

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Android's Opera Mini gets a socially networked Smart Page

A single new feature called Smart Page is the capstone to Opera Mini 7.5 for Android (download), finally bringing to Android Mini fans a feature that iOS Mini got back at Mobile World Congress in February.

Launching today, the Smart Page is a single-serving site from which people can check their social networking feeds, news sites, and recommended links based on their region. The social networking feature works with Twitter, Facebook, and the European social networking vKontakte.

Opera Mini is... Read More »

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Opera 12 takes the stage late

A little bit behind schedule, Opera 12 makes its public debut today with numerous changes that mostly focus on faster browsing. But where the Norwegian browser used to take the lead on feature development, it now feels more like an understudy.

You can get Opera 12 for Windows (download), Mac (download), and Linux (download). There's nothing explicitly wrong with it. In fact, version 12 makes a number of good improvements.

Most importantly is an overall focus on speed. Quirky... Read More »

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Opera 12's first beta also swan song for quirky features

Opera has released the first beta of its next-generation browser, code-named Wahoo. Opera 12 beta 1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, contains many improvements that modernize the browser. It also abandons several quirky features that die-hard fans are likely to miss.

Much of the browser simply brings it in line with its competition, but there is one stand-out new feature. Formerly known as Opera Reader, it takes a few lines of CSS code to allow you to... Read More »

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Opera Mini 7 stretches to Android

Opera ports its WebGL hardware acceleration from Opera Mobile to the Android version of Opera Mini 7, which first debuted last month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Opera Mini 7 for Android (download) improves the lightweight browser's compressed browsing feature called Turbo with hardware acceleration, and expands the Speed Dial landing page beyond nine Web sites.

It does not include the new home screen that is coming to Opera Mini 7 for feature phones, which will bring interactive... Read More »

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