Consolidate your photo libraries with NeroKwik

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur food journalist, chances are that you have more than a handful of photos spread across social network sites like Facebook and Google+ as well as smart devices like phones and tablets. With so many pictures in so many places, finding a specific photo can be a chore. NeroKwik offers a welcome solution to this problem. By consolidating all of your images to be accessible from... Read More &raquo

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NeroKwik knits your photos into a unified tapestry

Nero continues its collective approach to multimedia with a newly refreshed approach to photo sharing. NeroKwik (not to be confused with Kwik Media from Nero 12) is Nero's latest solution to the ever-increasing challenge and fragmentary nature of keeping and sharing photos.

The NeroKwik app for Android ties your photos from sources like tablets, PCs, and social-networking services together to create a unified album. That means users can now access their photos all in one spot and eliminate... Read More &raquo

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Nero's newest multimedia tools

There are plenty of options--from iTunes to DoubleTwist to Windows Media Player--that will keep the average consumer satisfied in terms of basic multimedia organization and playback. However, if you count yourself among those creative or persnickety enough to delve into the realm of audio and video editing, you may want to consider some more fully featured media tools.

That's where Nero's latest products come into play. Today, the company announced Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Video... Read More &raquo

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Browser powers and video tools

Three things are on the tips of our tongues lately: Internet browsers, security suites, and video-editing apps. Let's start with the first. NetApplications' browser usage statistics for September provide a look at who's gaining clout on the Web: Google's Chrome, twin mobile powerhouses Apple iOS and Google Android, and Microsoft's IE9. In other browser news, Chrome enjoyed an update that added activation by default of the WebGL 3D graphics technology, an option for built-in Google Instant search results,... Read More &raquo

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Killer Download: Top free CD/DVD burning apps

Just about every computer available these days comes with a CD/DVD burner as part of the package. Whether your primary use for this drive is to make mix CDs for the car, backup data, or burn DVD backups for your movies, you need a good program with the right type of features for the job. Though Windows offers some burning features, you're not going to get the options you'll find in a standalone app.

There are many paid CD and DVD... Read More &raquo

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Burn a DVD of holiday videos with Nero 8

One of the greatest joys of getting together for the holidays is being able to share the antics afterwards. This is just what Nero 8 Ultra's extensive tool set was made for. CNET Editor Molly Wood shows you how to compile clips into a video DVD for mass distribution, at least within the family.

... Read More &raquo

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Photo slide shows on DVD

Along with "What's the best free video-editing software?" one of the most frequent questions I receive from CNET users is, "How can I put my photos on a DVD that anyone can watch?" For everyone whom I wasn't able to respond to personally, here's a quick overview.

First off, the most important issue is the DVD player for which you're creating the slide show. Many DVD players nowadays don't need a specially formatted disc to view digital pictures, and some have built-in slide-show features for viewing JPEG... Read More &raquo

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Quick Tip: Read RSS feeds in Nero 8

If you've been wondering exactly how to program RSS feeds into the new Nero 8, help has arrived. CNET Editor Molly Wood shares a Quick Tip for programming your favorite RSS feeds into Nero 8's feed reader on the StartSmart interface.

For more information about other new features, check out the Nero 8 full review and First Look video.

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Nero 8 Ultra gets a face-lift, adds new features

In addition to the disc-ripping and -burning capabilities with which Nero first made its mark, the digital-media suite also offers a bevy of options for managing movies, music, and photos. Nero helps you create and edit videos and music files, share that content online, turn your PC into a media center, and back up and recover data in case of disaster. Nero 8 includes a revamped entry page in addition to new support for burning and creating HD and Blu-ray... Read More &raquo

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Nero 8: Sneak a peek at brand new features

What's better than Nero 7's suite of multimedia apps, which bursts with tools to record, edit, save, and distribute audio, video, and data CDs and DVDs in a dozen permutations?

The so-new-you-can't-buy-it release of Nero 8. Tune into the First Look video below, and watch this space on Monday for a full review.

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