Australis goes stable in Firefox 29

Today Mozilla released version 29 of Firefox. The biggest change is the introduction of the Australis theme, a visual upgrade that not only makes the browser look leaner and cleaner, but also brings major changes to developers and end users.

One major change is the toolbar overhaul. Mozilla has slimmed the toolbar area, which makes the content area more visible. New animations give users a visual indication of certain actions, like bookmarking pages. The main menu now displays... Read More &raquo

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Firefox 27 deepens its social integration

On Tuesday Mozilla announced the public release of Firefox 27 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. For this release, Mozilla adds more stacks to its social APIs, bringing new partners like Delicious onboard.

Delicious is a built-in tool that lets users save and organize content from the Web. Now users can access Delicious via the Firefox sidebar.

Web developers can use the new specification "all: unset"... Read More &raquo

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Sharing is caring in Firefox for Android

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a major update to Firefox for Android, bringing over many of the sharing services from its older-brother desktop version.

Version 24 adds a Share menu that lets you add your most frequently-used sharing services like Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail for quick sharing. If you prefer a more physical approach, the new version also adds bump sharing, which lets you fist-bump your friends with other Android handsets to quickly send open tabs, news articles, or... Read More &raquo

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Firefox updates preach sharing, shielding, and a bit of 'Awesome'

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a new version update for Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux) that expands its social functionality by integrating a "Share" button into the Firefox toolbar.

... Read More &raquo

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Chrome, Firefox now on speaking terms

The days of needing an app, add-on, or extension to make video calls in your browser are numbered. Google and Mozilla, the respective makers of Chrome and Firefox, just demonstrated a new development in HTML5's WebRTC protocol that lets people talk to each other using two different browsers and no third-party apps.

Currently only available in Chrome 25 beta and Firefox Nightly, the change in WebRTC comes thanks to the development work of several groups. These include members of... Read More &raquo

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New Firefox Aurora can record your cam, mic

As the browser becomes the driving engine behind several operating systems, extensive hardware controls are landing as built-in HTML5. The latest developer's build of Firefox Aurora can now record by default video from your camera and audio from your microphone.

Firefox 20 Aurora (download for Windows, for Mac, for Linux, and for Android) has the new hardware API getUserMedia enabled by default, which means that you won't have to use a plugin to record directly from your... Read More &raquo

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Mozilla to developers: Come build apps for Firefox OS!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft's not the only big tech player taking a gamble on a new direction. Mozilla made an aggressive argument for Firefox OS to Web and app developers Monday night at its confusingly named Mobile Monday Mixer -- confusing because the company held the event last night at its San Francisco office.

As the lights from the Bay Bridge blinked in the background, Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of products, laid out why developers should care about Firefox OS.... Read More &raquo

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IonMonkey, Retina support hit Firefox Beta

A JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, Mac Retina compatibility, and better touch support move into the new Firefox Beta, released today.

Firefox 18 Beta (download for Windows, Mac, and Linux) arrives with a new "just-in-time" JavaScript compiler called "IonMonkey" for faster site load times. While it doesn't appear to have been independently tested yet, Mozilla's own IonMonkey benchmarks from September indicate that it will make the stable version of Firefox 18 about 25 percent faster than the current... Read More &raquo

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Like? New Firefox adds Facebook integration

Facebook has accepted a friend request from Firefox and Mozilla's new Social API today, as the browser updates with several security and feature updates after yesterday's Firefox for Android update.

The biggest feature debut in Firefox 17 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) is the Social API, launching with Facebook Messenger, which allows participating social-networking sites to create persistent sidebar access to their site. Although most new browser technologies depend on entirely on how many... Read More &raquo

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New Firefox opens up to older phones

Firefox for Android (download) has seen a lot of changes this year that have looked to the future, but today's release makes the browser compatible with a selection of older Android phones.

Released a day ahead of schedule because the features were ready, explained a Mozilla representative in an e-mail to CNET, Firefox 17 for Android supports an expansive list of ARM v6 hardware. This means that older but popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510, HTC Status, Motorola... Read More &raquo

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