Streaming music and video you can enjoy offline

Netflix recently -- and just in time for your holiday travels -- added the ability to download movies and shows to your phone or tablet. It's not the first streaming service to offer offline viewing, for those times when you don't have Wi-Fi and don't want to blow through your data limits. The following apps let you watch and listen offline, so you can catch up on Luke Cage, watch Kung Fu Panda 3, experience the latest Lady Gaga album,... Read More &raquo

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Make Netflix more searchable

Netflix is a great way to watch movies and TV shows -- if you already know what you want to watch. But if you need to browse, you're at the mercy of Netflix's poor recommendations feature, limited search, and broad categories, meaning you may see the same few titles repeatedly or not find what you want at all. That's why there are so many websites to help you figure out what to watch -- such as Leanflix,... Read More &raquo

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Choose your Star Wars path with Google

"Star Wars: The Forces Awakens" opens December 19, and in case we weren't thinking about it enough already, Google today launched At this site you can choose to follow the light or the dark side of the Force, and then Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google services will adapt to your chosen path.

Google's embrace of "Star Wars" reflects the company's love of the story. "It probably isn't a surprise that there are tons of 'Star... Read More &raquo

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Transform and share your videos with PC Video Converter

PC Video Converter is an easy-to-use, fast, and reliable tool that makes movies compatible with any devices, old or new, quickly and efficiently. This week, you can get this highly rated and reliable converter for $14.97 -- half off the regular price of $29.95.

What sets this movie converter apart is its ability to trim, crop, and merge files with its built-in functions. With PC Video Converter you can quickly edit and keep your desired clips with... Read More &raquo

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Star Apps: 'The Heat' director Paul Feig

The hilarious, new buddy movie "The Heat" stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Det. Shannon Mullins, respectively -- two fiercely independent crime fighters who must first forge their own connection and learn to respect and trust each other's abilities if they are ever to connect the dots on a major case. caught up with the film's director, Paul Feig -- best known for directing the Oscar-nominated "Bridesmaids," co-producing the TV series "Freaks and... Read More &raquo

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PowerDVD 12 wants to control all your media

CyberLink, maker of some of the most popular multimedia software titles for Windows, today released a massive update to its PowerDVD line.

PowerDVD version 12 Ultra brings with it increased 3D support and improved playback controls. At the same time, it switches its game up by offering tools for organizing and managing all of your media. Now you can use your desktop PC as a server for all of your content (regardless of type), and with PowerDVD Mobile 4... Read More &raquo

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Peel app updates to make TV social

A popular TV show and movie discovery app just got a major update during CES that adds social components to its already full-featured cable listing arsenal.

Peel Personal TV Show Guide (free) is an app that changes the way you watch TV by gathering your personal preferences and giving you recommendations on your iPhone based on the data.

The polished interface of Peel asks you a few questions upon launch so it can deliver the type of shows... Read More &raquo

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Fanhattan adds popular new services

TV and movie fans: one of the best streaming media and entertainment discovery apps for iOS just got better with three new content providers.

Fanhattan for iOS (download for iPhone or iPad) already let you discover and watch TV and movies on your iOS device from many popular services including Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Vudu, and ABC. Starting today, Fanhattan has added a wealth of new content from PBS, Crackle, and Lifetime.

The Fanhattan App offers a great layout for... Read More &raquo

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Skyfire VideoQ plays Flash videos on your iPhone

Skyfire VideoQ ($1.99 for a limited time), a new video app launched this morning from the makers of the Skyfire browser, offers a fairly simple process to play Flash videos on your iOS device. While any added steps are a pain, if you need to watch a Flash video on the iPhone, VideoQ is one of the only options.

Skyfire says it doesn't matter which iOS browser you use. Once you've registered your iPhone's e-mail adress in the VideoQ app,... Read More &raquo

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Unlimited movie-going with MoviePass

For a cool $50-a-month subscription fee, MoviePass gets you into the movies whenever you want, as often as you want. Think of it like a Netflix for theaters. Following up on our coverage earlier today, CNET had a chance to get on the phone with MoviePass co-founder, Hamet Watt, to get some of the nuts and bolts of the all-you-can-watch service.

Officially launching to private beta June 29, MoviePass will only work at select theaters in the San... Read More &raquo

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