The best mobile games of 2016

Did you catch them all this year? You may have had trouble keeping track of all the new games in 2016, because mobile gaming is booming -- more than 250,000 new titles hit iTunes this year, and games are consistently some of the top app store downloads for both Android and iOS. We've narrowed the playing field down to our top 5: the mobile games you definitely shouldn't miss this year.

Note: Android users may... Read More &raquo

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Level up in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go wing of has been tirelessly trying various ways to level up our trainers. Here are the tactics that we are finding effective, which have (so far) jacked us up to level 20. (For tips on hunting Pokemon, see our guide for stalking pocket monsters.)

Lower levels: Gather supplies first, evolve later

Evolving Pokemon is a quick and efficient way to gain XP. But as tempting as it is to start evolving your Pokemon as soon as you... Read More &raquo

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Pokemon Go's major security loophole

Update 7/12/16: Niantic Labs has updated Pokemon Go on iOS to version 1.01. "Fixed Google account scope" is among the changes, which indicates that the previous issue with the app's permissions has been addressed. Pokemon Go on iOS now just asks for the username and email address associated with your Google account, which is normal behavior.

Original story follows:

Pokemon Go, the Android and iOS game that's exploded in popularity over the last few days, has a big privacy and... Read More &raquo

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Hot mobile games coming in 2016

Pokémon Go, Deus Ex, John Wick, Lego, and more; Android and iOS gamers can look forward to a host of familiar names this year. We've picked five mobile games that are worth the wait, though most of them won't be out until the fall. While iOS and Android have customarily been the province of lighter games that you can pick up quickly and drop whenever you want, these titles could bring a level of complexity that most players aren't used... Read More &raquo

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The best free Google Cardboard VR games

If you've been following the VR craze, you've probably noticed that the headsets can cost several hundred dollars, and the games and apps aren't free, either. However, you can try VR on the cheap with free Android apps and the Cardboard VR viewer, available on Google's site for $15, along with several similar viewers. Cardboard's app helps you set up your phone and add apps to your library, though Google's app store doesn't do a good... Read More &raquo

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Favorite apps and services of 2015

Tech junkiedom can be an expensive business, since we're always eager to try new things as soon as they're available, instead of waiting patiently for discounts. But I noticed as I gathered this list of personal favorites for 2015 that these apps and services reduce my costs, bundle one thing into another, or both. Maybe my subconcious is trying to tell me something, but I've improved my quality of life (and the heft of my wallet) with regard to my... Read More &raquo

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The best 2015 games that flew under the radar

Franchises like Halo and Call of Duty get more marketing dollars than the military budgets of most countries, but a lot of worthy games don't get that kind of push. Steam currently lists over 15,000 titles, so it may in fact be impossible to know all the games out there. Year-end lists like GameSpot's best games of 2015 can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. But for the frugal gamer, we've picked four great... Read More &raquo

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Holiday shopping tips and tricks

On Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving in the US -- the retail floodgates officially open for holiday shopping. You may be experiencing some anxiety: Will you get the best deals? Are you going to the right websites? Can you avoid the mad rush and still get little Timmy that toy he's pining for? The most important thing is to make sure you're shopping safely, because a compromised credit card is a lump of coal that no... Read More &raquo

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Papers, Please dominates IGF Awards at GDC 2014

Many great indie games and AAA titles featured at GDC 2014 were collaborative efforts from highly talented individuals. But Papers, Please proves that there is still room in the gamers' hearts for lone-wolf developers. With an usual narrative, Papers, Please captures the emotional toll of working as an immigration officer in a fictional dystopian country. Using detective skills and powers of observation, players can allow or deny refuge for immigrants trying to get into the nation of Arstotzka.

Lucas... Read More &raquo

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Opera to sing WebKit's tune on mobile -- report

The Opera Browser will be rebuilding its mobile browsers using WebKit and a new interface that nearly entirely ditches the traditional browser buttons called Opera Ice, according to a leaked video acquired by

Ice is not Opera's first dalliance with WebKit, as its current iOS offerings are also built with the WebKit engine. However, the current iOS Opera runs its server-side compression with Opera's Presto engine. It's not clear that that will continue with Ice, which apparently will... Read More &raquo

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