McAfee updates Android security app, adding Free and Premium versions

On Tuesday, McAfee updated its Mobile Security app (now called McAfee Antivirus & Security) for Android and added several new features that include custom profile setups, improved analysis of data exposure, and backup operations over Wi-Fi.

These updates are added on top of Mobile Security's Basic free tier features like mobile antivirus, anti-theft, and backup services. McAfee aims to protect their users through both preventative and post-catastrophic measures, with added security features in the Premium service.

According to Ari Jaaksi,... Read More »

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Intel and McAfee join forces, the Counting Crows talk apps, and Firefox revs to v21

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Mozilla Firefox updates to version 21... Read More »

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McAfee and Intel announce cross-device security service LiveSafe

As consumers begin to own more and more devices, the risks of increased security threats and a greater need for cross-platform protection have emerged, according to McAfee. In a joint partnership with Intel, McAfee announced on Tuesday the all-encompassing security suite LiveSafe.

LiveSafe is a comprehensive set of security measures that protect the files and digital assets that users value most. According to Mike DeCesare, president of McAfee, "Our digital lives have become more complex as we connect, share, and... Read More »

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Social Protection app DRM's your Facebook photos

Intel and McAfee have collaborated on a new browser plug-in and Facebook app called Social Protection that throws a thicker wall of privacy around your photos, while still allowing you to share them with friends.

Brian Foster, senior vice president of consumer product management for McAfee, said the combo is intended to protect the digital content you own so that only your friends can see it. "The focus is on everyday use of Facebook, and how your digital content has ended... Read More »

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Mozilla contemplates nuking McAfee

The SiteAdvisor add-on for Firefox evaluates search results to let you know how safe a site is to visit before you go there, but one Mozilla engineer says that it drags down Firefox and causes huge memory leaks.

(Update: McAfee announced a fix for later next week, and Mozilla acknowledged it. See below.)

It's just the kind of problem that Mozilla doesn't want to be dealing with as it finds itself knee-deep in an ambitious development plan and surrounded by... Read More »

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Mobile security app from McAfee hits 2.0

The latest update to McAfee Mobile Security opens a window onto app permissions and gives you a filter to screen out annoying communiques.

McAfee Mobile Security 2.0 (download for Android) arrived in the Android Market three days ago, and brings two new features to its already-robust set of options for Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian users. The new App Protection interprets how apps handle your personal and private data, and tells you whether those app permissions are risky. What it... Read More »

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McAfee 2012 fails to impress

For a high-end suite, McAfee Total Protection 2012 (download) isn't a bad program. It's just not a particularly good program, and it misses being great by several miles.

We liked its interface, a continuation with only minor adjustments from its 2010 overhaul. The feature set is generally competitive, too, although this update really only brings it into line with the middle range of competitors. It doesn't really push the envelope as to what a high-end suite can do for its... Read More »

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What Intel gets from McAfee's consumer products

In the wake of Intel's announcement on Thursday that it intends to purchase software security vendor McAfee, some industry experts are predicting the slow death of McAfee's consumer security products. While that's not likely to happen in the near future, just what does the chipmaker get with McAfee's current consumer security line?

The best-known products from McAfee are the company's security suites. Built around the same detection engine, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, and McAfee AntiVirus Plus... Read More »

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Why it's time to move away from McAfee

Last week, McAfee pushed out a virus definition file update the company now admits did not meet an acceptable level of quality assurance. Users found this out the hard way when the update crippled their computers. While the damage to individual computer systems has been repairable, I recommend that you look elsewhere for your computer's security.

My recommendation comes down to a harsh reality: corporations should be accountable for their actions, and users have choices. In the security realm, there... Read More »

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