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Get ready for MacOS Sierra

Although Apple works to make its major software updates go without a hitch, things can still go wrong -- as some users reported with iOS 10 last week. Since a big Apple update can take a few hours to install if everything goes right -- and more hours if something goes wrong -- make sure you are prepared. Sierra arrives September 20 as a free download in the Mac App Store, so now's the time to get ready.

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First look: MacOS Sierra public beta

The public preview of MacOS Sierra shows Apple continuing to make Mac a better partner for Apple's mobile devices, including moving iOS features over to the desktop.


With Sierra, your iOS personal digital assistant is now on the Mac. Seek Siri's help by clicking the Siri icon in the Mac menu bar, tapping her Dock icon, or using a keyboard shortcut (if you activate one in Siri's System Preferences).

She doesn't respond to "Hey, Siri," sadly. But you can control... Read More »

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Check out the MacOS Sierra public beta

For the third July in a row, Apple is giving customers a prerelease version of the next Macintosh operating system, MacOS Sierra. The public beta is a chance for users to monitor the OS's progress and help the company identify issues before Sierra officially ships this fall.

You can download the test OS for free, but be aware that beta software -- even from Apple -- isn't fully baked: Apps may be unstable, features may not work... Read More »

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Apple WWDC 2016 highlights

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a moment of silence for the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, and a celebration of Apple's diversity. Today's announcements were all about the software -- there was no hardware news at all -- including more features for Messages and Photos, an overhauled Apple Music, and a new name for OS X, which will now support Siri. Cook also praised the 13,000 developers who... Read More »

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Celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary with our 40 favorite memories

Apple celebrates its 40th birthday on April 1 and has shared a short video highlighting its major milestones. Join the party with our 40 favorite Apple moments.

1. "Hello, I'm a Mac."

Apple changed how we talk about computers. Traditional PC ads rely on tech specs to sell their wares. Apple presented deeper emotional choices through its advertising. You could join the revolution, become one of the crazy ones, snicker at John Hodgman as PC,... Read More »

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15 years of Mac OS X

Fifteen years ago today, Apple released Mac OS X 10.0, the first public release of the operating system that would become, over the next decade and a half, the software underpinnings for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

That future wasn't obvious on March 24, 2001. Apple's attempt at a modern OS -- code-named Cheetah -- was brimming with possibilities but frequently more frustrating than satisfying. "It's not a finished operating system," wrote Macworld editor Jason Snell in his review of Mac OS X 10.0.... Read More »

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Apple offers help on Twitter

Today Apple opened a Twitter account that promises to offer customer support, tutorials, and tips and tricks for its products.

So far Apple has posted a tip for using its Notes app and has sent off more than a thousand tweets, nearly all replies to @AppleSupport questions.

Most of Apple's responses instruct the follower to direct-message more details, such as OS version number. Others replies point the user to an appropriate Apple webpage or to another company, if the problem... Read More »

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Stop receiving calls and texts on your iPad, Mac, or iPod Touch

Since the release of Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 in late 2014, you can use Continuity to hand off a task from one device to another. So, for example, you can start an email on your MacBook and finish it on your iPhone, or vice versa. You can also use Instant Hotspot to connect your Mac to your iPhone's Wi-Fi.

Continuity is unquestionably handy, but one thing bugs me: I hate receiving phone calls and texts on my iPhone,... Read More »

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Favorite Mac apps of 2015

It was an interesting year for OS X software. A few popular apps, such as the vector-design tool Sketch, were frustrated by the experience of the Mac App Store and left it to go it alone. Apple maintained its annual release schedule, offering a solid, no- frills update to OS X. But Microsoft might have made the biggest waves, releasing Office 2016 and Windows 10, which all the virtual-machine makers rushed to support.


I've used Acorn for years... Read More »

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Apple addresses Office 2016 issues with El Capitan update

Apple yesterday released an update to OS X El Capitan intended to improve compatibility with Office 2016 for Mac.

According to Microsoft, the OS X update does successfully fix its issues with Office 2016. "Apple released an update for OS X 10.11 El Capitan on October 21, 2015," a Microsoft spokesperson told this morning. "Their update now addresses the boot-related issues experienced by some OS X 10.11 El Capitan customers using Office."

The summer revisions of Office and OS X got... Read More »

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