Mufin Music Player: A different kind of jukebox

When it comes to music software, there is one fact that's impossible to deny: There's no shortage of digital jukeboxes available for download. (Whether you like the choices is another matter entirely). As such, it's a special challenge for companies to get their offerings to stand out from the herd. Magix makes quite the impressive attempt with Mufin Music Player, though.

This handy music manager integrates a digital sound analyzer that aims to provide you with a list of songs similar... Read More &raquo

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Latest RealPlayer drops its beta label

These days, a great number of people are not only finding the majority of their entertainment online but are also conducting a fair amount of their social lives there as well. In such times, it's great to have a quick and simple tool for downloading, editing, sharing, and transferring media. With the latest version of RealPlayer, RealNetworks is aiming to provide just that.

Version 14 of the all-in-one multimedia jukebox made its way out of beta this week and has some... Read More &raquo

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New RealPlayer adds mobile-friendly features

In its rather successful attempts to keep up with the video-hungry masses, RealNetworks started adding some attention-grabbing improvements to its RealPlayer multimedia app last year. First, the software slapped on the ability to quickly and easily download videos from the Web and transcode them to various devices.Then, earlier this year, the company threw in a user-friendly video editing and sharing tool.

Today, RealNetworks announced another update to the software aimed at making it even simpler to manage, share, and... Read More &raquo

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Foobar2000 finally ready for center stage

Foobar2000 has long been a favorite free alternative audio jukebox for the hard-core customization enthusiast, noted for its odd name and utilitarian interface. The program has graduated from garage band status with version 1, which includes some nifty new features that make it more competitive.

The most obvious change is the new context menu structure. It looks far more user-friendly than before, but it's also less customizable. There's also a color-code system for the status bar and playlist view by... Read More &raquo

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DoubleTwist: First impressions

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of fanfare about an application called DoubleTwist that is at its core a free music jukebox that offers content syncing to a variety of portable devices, including the BlackBerry, the PSP, and the iPod, as well as pretty much anything that can mount in Universal Mass Storage mode. One of the main draws of the program is that it can take your iTunes library and sync it to a variety of non-iPod players,... Read More &raquo

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Proprietary scrobbling comes to Winamp

There's a temptation to mock people who still talk about Winamp, and its true that AOL gave up its industry-leading position to Apple without a fight. However, the past few years have seen Winamp reinvent itself as a jukebox for those who haven't been bitten by the iTunes bug, and the latest version introduces the proprietary song-scrobbler Orgler.

Much like Last.fm's scrobbling, Orgler sends your music data up to the cloud. Also like Last.fm, it allows members of the AOL/Winamp... Read More &raquo

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Songbird adds art, watch folders, MTP devices

Music and Web surfing mashup Songbird is out with an impressive number of features that were missing from the last major update. For Windows, Mac, and Linux, version 1.1.1 introduces album art downloading, MTP device support, watch folders, improved sorting, and numerous other performance enhancements and bug fixes.

This version continues to push the more iTunes-esque feel of the jukebox/browser, but that's a change users will just have to get used to. Grabbing context-menu album art worked quickly,... Read More &raquo

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Floola, the portable iTunes replacement

There are a lot of music jukeboxes out there that aren't iTunes but still work with iPods. Freeware Floola for Windows, Mac, and Linux is one of the few, if only, portable music players that not only works with your iPod, it will work from your iPod, too. The program's fully compatible with your desktop iTunes installation, but can be run from the iPod itself.

The features it offers are comprehensive and robust, including music, video, note-taking,... Read More &raquo

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Windows Starter Kit: Must-have PC apps

You must have treated somebody well this year, because you've got a new computer to start 2009 off right. In this edition of the Download.com Windows Starter Kit, we've expanded our collection to include both the recommended free programs you've come to expect from us, and suitable alternatives if our choice doesn't make your grade.

This year's categories include Web browsers, e-mail clients, office and productivity tools, parenting, image editors, music jukeboxes, video jukeboxes and players, file compressors, chatware, torrent... Read More &raquo

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