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iPhone apps of the week

Apple's iPhone App Store grows every day with new free and paid offerings. The lion's share of apps (and clearly the most popular) have been games, now with 626 digital time wasters at the time of this writing. I check the App Store almost every day for new stuff--mostly in the free category, but I've also bought my share of iPhone apps, too.

What do I look for? To be honest, I like it all--from the completely useless, but funny... Read More &raquo

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Simplify Media for iPhone brings music to you

We've talked about Simplify Media here before as a great way to listen to music from your friends' iTunes music libraries (Windows and Mac). In fact, Simplify Media was one of our 10 best downloads of 2007. The minute you fire it up, you'll see why--as long as you and your friend both have a free account with Simplify Media, you can stream and listen to each others entire music collections on both Windows and Mac. But,... Read More &raquo

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Free games to play on your iPhone

Not all games have been optimized for the iPhone equally. In fact, I found quite a few clunkers that seemed to exist only to take your cash, advertise dubious services, or bombard you with cut-rate graphics. Shudder. These five games, added just this month, test your strategy and timing while offering above-average graphics.

Don't forget to review the games on CNET Download.com, or serve up your own favorites in the comments below.

501 Darts is a two-player strategy game that pits... Read More &raquo

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What's the perfect iPhone app?

Phill Ryu, one of my favorite Mac bloggers--and also a developer of fine Mac software--recently came up with five applications he'd like to see on the iPhone. There are already a ton of applications available for iPhone, many of which you can find at our iPhone Approll (a lot of the applications were reviewed by yours truly!). But if you're an iPhone owner, I would bet at least one of Phill's ideas has probably crossed your mind. I think my... Read More &raquo

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Hmmmm, what Apple news can I talk about today?

If you haven't been living under the proverbial rock, you probably already know the hype surrounding Apple's iPhone has built up quite a bit over the last few weeks. It seems like every news site has something to add to the iPhone fray, and certainly, as a technology site, you can get a lot of information here at CNET. Since today is the big launch for the iPhone, I might as well give all of you a couple more things... Read More &raquo

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