Miniaturize your world and play an RTS remake: iPhone apps of the week

Among the news items this week from the world of Apple, the folks over at AppleInsider uncovered a rumor that Apple may be having a launch event next week for a new line of MacBook Pros. According to the story, this would put the launch event a week ahead of schedule.

As usual, Apple remains tight-lipped about what features will be unveiled in the new laptops, but the one sure thing is that it will include Intel's latest generation Sandy... Read More &raquo

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Rdio for iPhone gets a new look

Rdio, from the makers of Skype (Windows/Mac/iPhone), is a subscription-based music service offering more than 5 million songs as well as added social components that let you connect with friends to share and discover new music. Today, the service announced an updated version of its iPhone app that features an entirely redesigned interface and new options for song recommendations, popular music charts, and new releases. It also offers improved search tools and better syncing controls than... Read More &raquo

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Blasts from the past: iPhone apps of the week

I grew up playing video games and was part of the era of going to arcades and dropping quarter after quarter into my favorite games. Back then, if you would have told me that one day I could play the same games on a mobile phone I would probably have said, "I doubt it, and who would want to lug one of those giant things around anyway?" In the '80s, mobile phones were huge. In other words, I would never... Read More &raquo

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Motocross racing and news the old-fashioned way: iPhone apps of the week

Just after the big news of the iPhone coming to Verizon, Apple released a beta to developers for iOS 4.3 and it looks like it will add some big changes from previous versions--especially on the iPad.

New multitouch gestures will make it possible to close apps or just switch to another open app without having to press the Home button. You'll also now have the option to make the iPad switch on the side of the device either a mute or... Read More &raquo

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Updated: Kayak for iPhone

There are a great number of travel Web sites on the Internet that let you search flights, hotel listings, and car rentals, but if you want a quick way to get that info while on the go, check out the new Kayak for iPhone app. Though Kayak has been around for some time, this latest version for iPhone includes a completely redesigned interface and faster search results making it much easier to get your travel plans in order quickly.... Read More &raquo

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Got a new iPad? Find the best apps in our iPad Starter Kit

There had already been years of speculation before Apple's iPad finally made it on stage with Steve Jobs this year. Every Macworld Expo and Apple event for the past few years had always had a run-up with rumors of a new slate device that just might make its first appearance on stage. But it was always pushed out to the next Apple event.

When it was finally released, there were mixed reviews. Some wanted it to be a laptop, while others... Read More &raquo

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Creative image projects and driving with zombies: iPhone apps of the week

The big news this week in the world of iOS devices is that we are drawing ever closer to iOS 4.2, the update that will add new features and bring the iPad up to speed with the feature set on the iPhone 4.

As noted by our own Josh Lowensohn a couple of days ago, iOS 4.2 for iPad has been seeded to developers so they can get started bringing their apps up to date. With iOS 4.2... Read More &raquo

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Read the news and blow away monsters on the run: iPhone apps of the week

Even with the huge success of the iPhone 4 and the iPad, we all know Apple hasn't been resting on its laurels. We still have a big hardware event to come this fall with Apple's now annual iPod launch event. Among the rumors and speculation around the Web, some news Web sites are saying we might see a full revision to the iPod Touch, a new iPad, and maybe a completely rebuilt Apple TV.

The guys over at AppleInsider uncovered... Read More &raquo

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Angry Birds receives major update

With all the iOS 4 news today, both good and bad, you may not have seen the major update to one of the most popular games at the iTunes App Store. Angry Birds just received a bunch of new tweaks including 15 new levels, a new theme, enhancements to the interface menus, and new golden egg levels.

The press release we received mentioned that both Angry Birds (for iPhone) and Angry Birds HD (for iPad) were updated... Read More &raquo

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Hands-on with iOS 4

Apple's iOS 4 was released today ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4, which becomes available June 24. iPhone users can update to the latest OS via iTunes, but some features will not be available for the iPhone 3G and the update is not available at all for the original iPhone. iOS 4 will not be available on the iPad until this fall.

Apple says there are more than 100 new features in iOS 4, but the most notable tweaks... Read More &raquo

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