iOS apps are coming to Mac: Everything you need to know

With MacOS 10.12 "Mojave," Apple begin the process of porting iOS apps to Mac. Mac users will get a glimpse of the first set of iOS apps on Mac on September 24, when Apple said it will release MacOS Mojave with four of its own apps: News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home. Then in 2019, third-party developers will be able to start moving their own apps to the Mac App Store.

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HeadGaze app lets users with disabilities navigate with simple head movements

Companies and organizations are quickly realizing the many ways new technology can help those with disabilities navigate the new digital environment, and one team of eBay workers put their heads together and created HeadGaze, an iOS app that lets you move around an iPhone screen with only a turn of the head.

"As someone with extensive motor impairments, I do not have full control of my limbs. Consequently, I am unable to walk or grab anything with my hands. These... Read More »

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The new Apple CarPlay apps coming in iOS 12

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) brought the surprise announcement that Apple is opening up CarPlay to more third-party developers, and the company even teased Google Maps (iOS, Android) and Waze (iOS, Android).

Here's everything we know about the new apps coming to CarPlay.

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Google Maps goes up against a refreshed Apple Maps

Apple Maps has long been a pain point for CarPlay users. It doesn't catalog as many roads as... Read More »

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Best to-do list apps of 2019 for managing tasks on any platform

Put those sticky notes back in your desk drawer. Our picks for the best to-do apps can help you manage tasks, stay on top of to-do lists, remind you of upcoming events, and even collaborate on projects with colleagues. All of our picks do a good job of covering the basics, but each approaches managing tasks a bit differently. Some are focused on handling your individual lists, others excel at reminding you of upcoming activities, at least one shines... Read More »

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First Look: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game

It hasn't even officially launched yet -- the game is slated for release later in 2018 -- but the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game has already made a mysterious appearance in Google's Play Store and is soft-launching in a handful of regions.

To build excitement, the game also has an official website, where you can uncover a few more details about the game and sign up to learn even more, and be notified... Read More »

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Apple iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad first look

iOS 11, coming Sep. 19, will include a raft of new features, in time for the ensuing releases of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X.


Voice assistant Siri can now anticipate your needs -- thanks to advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence -- so it'll make suggestions even before you bother to ask.


A revamped iMessage app in iOS 11 will include a drawer to easily find your iMessage apps and stickers. iMessage users will also be to... Read More »

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