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Two-step verification on Windows and Mac

Two-step verification is a way to give your accounts more protection than just a password or PIN. If you use a verification app like Google Authenticator (iOS, Android), you log in to your account (email, bank, Amazon, and so on) with your username and password, and the app sends a temporary code to your phone that's the final key to get into your account. But if you want to generate verification codes on your desktop... Read More »

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WhatsApp's new desktop app for Windows and Mac

This week, WhatsApp announced Windows and OS X versions of its popular messaging app. Until now, desktop users have had to use WhatsApp through a Web browser. Like the Web version, WhatsApp's desktop apps mirror the messages on your phone.

The desktop apps may offer better security than the browser client, giving you and WhatsApp more control over the bits getting sent back and forth. That's important, because WhatsApp now advertises end-to-end encryption on all platforms.

End-to-end encryption means that... Read More »

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WhatsApp Messenger gets major privacy upgrade

Today WhatsApp (iOS, Android), used by approximately 1 billion people worldwide, announced end-to-encryption throughout its network, for all types of messages (texts, videos, phone calls) shared within its app. With end-to-end encryption, even the company itself cannot view the contents of your communications. All the bits sent from one WhatsApp user to another are scrambled in a way that cannot be unscrambled by anyone except the sender and the recipient.

This upgrade does not require... Read More »

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What to look for in an Android antivirus app

Malware has definitely gone mobile. According to report from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Android was the second most targeted platform by hackers (behind Windows) in 2015. The report warns that hackers are increasingly targeting financial transactions, such the recent attack on social-media apps designed to steal banking information.

How to protect your phone

You should take preventive measures: Set a screen-lock password, for example, and keep your apps up to date. See our tips for securing your Android phone.

A... Read More »

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How to choose an antivirus app for Windows and Mac

Some argue that you don't need antivirus software if you just stay away from sketchy websites and email attachments. Unfortunately, there's a large cottage industry dedicated to deceiving people into inviting malware onto their computers. Think of antivirus software as your digital seatbelt: You don't strictly need it most of the time, but if you ever do, it can really save your bacon. And usually it has a negligible impact on your computer's performance. Here's how to evaluate your Windows... Read More »

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What to do if your computer has a virus

It can be a gut punch to realize that your PC may be infected with malware (the catchall term for viruses, Trojans, worms, and other nasties). If you don't have antimalware software installed and ready to clean your system, the situation can deteriorate quickly. But we have tips for basic damage control for your computer and the devices it's connected to.

Disconnect your PC from the network

Malware frequently uses the Internet to connect your PC to another computer that may give... Read More »

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Windows tech support: Fixing Internet problems

The Internet is not optional: Whether we're working or streaming TV, we need an Internet connection that just works. Some issues are the fault of your Internet service provider or your equipment, in which case there's only so much you can troubleshoot without calling tech support. But we've assembled a checklist you can go through when your Internet stops playing nicely. To keep the list a reasonable size, we're assuming that you've used this Internet connection successfully before, though not... Read More »

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2015 trends: The evolution of password security

For years, security experts have told us to use strong passwords and a password manager. Both are good practices, but the next level is fingerprint ID and two-factor authentication. This year, Google launched two Nexus phones with fingerprint sensors and relatively aggressive price points, and two major companies started offering two-factor authentication to enhance your password security. Since most people's password habits seem to be pretty terrible, these two industry shifts may help protect us against... Read More »

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Holiday shopping tips and tricks

On Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving in the US -- the retail floodgates officially open for holiday shopping. You may be experiencing some anxiety: Will you get the best deals? Are you going to the right websites? Can you avoid the mad rush and still get little Timmy that toy he's pining for? The most important thing is to make sure you're shopping safely, because a compromised credit card is a lump of coal that no... Read More »

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