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Freeware Friday: Music to your ears

Over a decade ago, searching for legal ways to get music on the Internet was tiresome and downright tedious. Fast-forward to today and we're left with more music services than we have fingers, all touting free or affordable ways to listen to just about all the songs you could possibly listen to several lifetimes over. Record labels may still be bickering in court, but now is a pretty darn good time to be able to enjoy the freedom of listening... Read More »

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Slacker Radio goes on (BlackBerry) Tour

In mid-July, Verizon began automatically pushing Slacker Radio to BlackBerry Storm phones. Starting Tuesday, Verizon's partnership with Slacker Radio begins extending to BlackBerry Tour devices in its U.S. network as well.

As part of the agreement, Slacker Radio will hook into Verizon's V Cast store (which itself taps the Rhapsody catalog), giving BlackBerry Storm and Tour users the capability to purchase one of 4.5 million songs.

Slacker Radio's streaming music player competes heavily with similar Internet radio services, particularly Pandora.... Read More »

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Wunder Radio reaches out to Windows Mobile

There's no shortage of streaming radio apps for mobile phones, but lately it seems that far more have been readied for the iPhone than for Windows Mobile. On Thursday, Wunder Radio (download), already a popular iPhone radio app, also became available for Windows Mobile phones.

It may not be the prettiest radio app out there, but Wunder Radio packs in a ton of stations provided by Radio Time, around 36,000. The stations span everything from talk radio and... Read More »

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Slacker Radio blows onto BlackBerry Storm

When Slacker Radio first introduced its streaming Internet radio app for the BlackBerry, it only worked on standard BlackBerrys running version 4.3 and above. Starting Wednesday, the free app gets touchy-feely with a brand new version for the BlackBerry's touch-screen Storm.

Slacker Radio for the Storm brings with it everything we loved on the Curve and Bold, including its best feature ever, caching a song to play offline later. It also throws in some touch-screen specials, like support for landscape mode.

The... Read More »

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First Look video: Slacker Radio for iPhone

Slacker Radio for iPhone 1.0 (and iPod Touch) may be late to the party of streaming-music apps for the iPhone, but that's no reason to overlook it.

The excellent, free app offers up a sleek, dark display and a lot of visual goodness, from large album art to visual icons for your favorite and custom stations.

Sure, we've got a few complaints, too, but if you're deciding whether to add another music app into the mix, this First Look... Read More »

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First Look video: Slacker for BlackBerry

Slacker Radio started 2009 with a burst, releasing a mobile version of Slacker's streaming-Internet radio app for BlackBerry (story|download) that takes unique advantage of its hardware and storage capabilities to add some truly useful features.

Check out this First Look video to watch these features play out on the BlackBerry Bold.

... Read More »

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How to cache Slacker stations on BlackBerry

Updated 5:40 p.m. PST with more information on storage capacity.

Caching radio stations to listen to later is, as far as I'm concerned, Slacker for BlackBerry's No. 1 feature.

While sound quality and speed are excellent as long as you're on a Wi-Fi connection, as soon as you stumble into 3G territory, quality takes a noticeable nosedive. It still sounds good, mind you, but buffering bumps and delays take their toll. Even worse is when you're cut off completely from... Read More »

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Slacker Radio slides onto the iPhone

Updated 1/14/08 at 12:16 a.m. with U.S.-only service details.

Leave it to Apple to make Slacker look like know.

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, streaming Internet radio company Slacker Radio released Slacker Radio for BlackBerry (download), and announced that an iPhone cousin was coming out as soon as Apple approved it.

Announced on Tuesday, Slacker Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch is just as lip-smacking good as anticipated, and is primed to... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: is a top-notch music player plug-in for music discovery, sharing, and tracking. Compatible with iTunes, MediaMonkey, Winamp, and many other players, and available for Windows, Mac, and the iPhone, it "scrobbles" your music when you play it, keeping track of what you're listening to. Once you've created an account, you can set your musical likes, favorite bands, and tag tracks as it plays them back to you. The tagging option is customizable, so you can create... Read More »

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Nexus Radio 2.2 adds drag 'n' drop

Earlier this month I spotlighted Nexus Radio, a free Internet radio app that streams music from 38 genres and also lets you capture, edit, and save tunes.

Not being able to drag and drop music files from the desktop to the playlist was one quibble I had with a previous version of Nexus Radio, reviewed in a First Look video. Instead, users had to waste clicks going though the app interface to add songs.

This version hops the hurtle, and playlist-building... Read More »

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