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Friday 5: Google Assistant, Twitch, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Snapseed, and Calorie Mama

In this week's Friday 5, Google Assistant finally comes to a wide range of Android devices and adds SMS functions, Twitch adds a Twitter-like broadcaster feed, Lightroom lets you take photos with HDR processing, Snapseed adds shareable templates, and the popular Calorie Mama app can detect your food based on a photo.

Google Assistant extends its aid

Google Assistant, a conversational AI like Siri, has been built into Google's Pixel phones since those were launched in October 2016 -- but were found... Read More »

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FX Photo Studio is the quick solution to creating great images

Photographers of any skill level, from amateur to professional, will appreciate FX Photo Studio Pro's offerings of tools and filters. With over 150 effects to choose from and manual controls to adjust critical elements of your photos, FX Photo Studio makes a great addition to any Editor's toolbox.

Ideal for when you need to make crucial adjustments to your images quickly, FX Photo Studio's layout will win over novices and professionals, alike, with its approachable and intuitive interface. ... Read More »

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Paint.NET 3.5 earns Windows 7, stability fixes

Far more robust than Microsoft Paint, but nowhere near as loaded with features as Photoshop, Paint.NET occupies a niche perfect for users who want a free image editor that has more than resizing and inverting. Version 3.5 includes an enormous number of stability tweaks and menu adjustments, as well as a couple of new minor features and some Windows 7 love, too.

One of the biggest changes makes the program's installation far less obvious. The new version automatically downloads and... Read More »

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ColorSplash makes iPhone photos pop

There's undoubtedly something striking about the style of photography that draws attention to a focal object by making the rest of the scene black and white (here's a good example). This kind of selected colorization is within reach on your iPhone if you use ColorSplash for iPhone, a relatively new image-editing app from the developer of Juxtaposer and Juxtaposer Lite, two other image editors for iPhone photos.

After you load an image, ColorSplash will turn it into... Read More »

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IrfanView: Remember why you liked it

If you have to ask yourself why out of the teems of top-notch freeware image editors at your disposal, folks consistently choose IrfanView, then you don't know IrfanView.

It may not be the slickest-looking app by a long shot, or even the most complex. But its combination of simplicity and strength make the classic image viewer and editor a middleweight favorite. It doesn't hurt that the feature set has some unique extras in addition to the regular touch-up tools.... Read More »

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Windows Starter Kit: Must-have PC apps

You must have treated somebody well this year, because you've got a new computer to start 2009 off right. In this edition of the Windows Starter Kit, we've expanded our collection to include both the recommended free programs you've come to expect from us, and suitable alternatives if our choice doesn't make your grade.

This year's categories include Web browsers, e-mail clients, office and productivity tools, parenting, image editors, music jukeboxes, video jukeboxes and players, file compressors, chatware, torrent... Read More »

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PicSay makes LOLcats on your Google phone

PicSay's stated purpose is to e-mail or text annotated photo messages to friends, but there's nothing stopping you from using the free program as a makeshift photo editor.

PicSay is a simple application made especially for Google Android, but it's nevertheless the most customization-focused application I've reviewed today. You start by choosing a picture from your photo album or the image you most recently viewed (this won't work if your Android phone is in mass storage mode.) Then press... Read More »

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GIMP adds tools, tweaks UI, integrates GEGL

Several major changes have been implemented in the latest upgrade to the open-source freeware called The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Known as The GIMP, these changes include some midlevel user interface adjustments and improvements to several tools. Version 2.6.0 is also the first release that attempts to integrate GEGL, a graph-based image processing framework that allows for non-destructive image editing.

The GEGL integration is mostly a back-end change with a tentative implementation. In other words, the bugs are not... Read More »

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