IM+ for Android jumps to 5.0

IM+, the popular instant-messaging application for Android, jumps to version 5.0 today, bringing with it a revamped tablet-optimized interface, improved battery usage, and several other really nifty features.

Beyond its shiny new interface, the big addition to IM+ is its support for Android's native Share tool. Now you can select text from other apps or your browser and easily add it to an instant message through IM+. Sure, this seems like a basic feature, but that's precisely why it's a big... Read More »

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Reviewed: Office 365

Office 365, announced today, gives professionals and small businesses a subscription service that lets them work from anywhere using familiar-feeling Web-enabled applications. Combined with hosted versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync, Office 365 is designed to enable users to share, collaborate, and communicate in the cloud. In our testing during the beta, we found that the tools worked well across the board (with some hiccups), and expect that many people who use Office on desktop Macs and PCs will... Read More »

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Trillian 5 adds Pro features for free

Trillian, the popular multiple-personality IM client, recently upgraded to version 5, giving it a refreshed interface, improved social integration, and, get this, all of the Pro features from previous versions, all for free. Now every user can enjoy themes, activity history viewer, and multiple location sign-in, along with the newly developed continuous client feature, which keeps chats synced across all devices. For now, these upgrades have only hit the Windows client (download) and the now free... Read More »

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Meebo releases beta IM app for BlackBerry

Meebo brings a new instant messaging entrant to BlackBerry today, in the form of a beta release of Meebo for BlackBerry (download). The Web-based IM service hopes to net more users with this app, in addition to those it picked up when Meebo released its iPhone and Android apps.

For the most part, Meebo for BlackBerry beta worked and looked as expected in our tests on a Bold 9700. The app makes use of two tabs to respectively... Read More »

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Hands-on: IMing with Trillian's BlackBerry beta

A new instant messaging app is on its way to BlackBerry smartphones, and it's name is Trillian.

Trillian-maker Cerulean Studios announced work on its BlackBerry beta in May, adding one more operating system for the multinetwork IM app that's already well-known on Windows, Mac, and more recently, on iPhone. Although we expect to see Trillian launch into public beta for BlackBerry phones running OS 5.x, we got to try it out this week.

The app closely resembles the... Read More »

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Digsby update brings Windows 7 features

A recent update to Digsby, a controversial multiple-protocol instant-messaging client, focuses on enhancements specific to Windows 7 and tweaks several social-networking features.

Given the problem it had last year with its CPU cycle-grabbing shenanigans, one would think that Digsby would hold back from adding another service requiring those who don't want it to go through a post-installation opt-out process. But Digsby build 76 beta, released February 11 and announced broadly on Thursday, does just that with a... Read More »

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Trillian for Mac arrives as an alpha

Multi-protocol chat client Trillian follows up its resurgence last year with a long-rumored Mac version. Trillian for Mac is an unstable alpha, lacking many of the features that make Trillian Astra appealing on Windows, but even so it offers users a good idea of what's to come from Cerulean Studios.

This build isn't really ready yet to compete with the popular Adium, but cross-platform users will appreciate that the contact sync works. Enter in your Trillian username and... Read More »

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Trillian 4.1 for Windows gets more Twitter-social

Don't let the small version update from Trillian 4.0 to Trillian Astra 4.1 for Windows fool you. Though the version may have bumped up one tiny integer, there are enough changes to this venerable multinetwork chat app to make it worth your notice; particularly if you're into social networking.

Trillian's maker, Cerulean Studios, has tightened the app's integration with Twitter, making it possible to now tweet from the buddy list. They've inserted a character counter so you can gauge... Read More »

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Trillian 4.1 beta for Windows opens up

Makers of the multinetwork chat application Trillian threw open doors to the company's latest beta, previously available onto to private beta testers, allowing any Windows user to test Trillian 4.1 beta before the code becomes final.

Chief among the changes in the beta are new social networking features and tight integration with Windows 7 for users of Microsoft's most recent operating system. Trillian 4.1 beta supports story links and avatar pictures in more locations on the interface, as well as... Read More »

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Have you tried Trillian Astra's all-in-one IM?

The release of Yahoo's latest instant messenger for Windows (Yahoo Messenger 10 beta) got us revisiting two others that were updated in the more recent past: the all-in-one chat clients Trillian Astra and Digsby. We enumerated the program enhancements that went into Trillian Astra beta here, but after three years in the making (!), we were hoping to be wowed.

In terms of sexiness, that honor belongs to Digsby, which cuts a fine figure, but doesn't always... Read More »

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