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Google's PhotoScan helps scan your old photos

Google wants to help get the old photos stuck on your fridge onto your phone, where you can save, edit, and share them.

PhotoScan, Google's new photo tool for Android and iOS, turns your phone into a handheld scanner, capturing a digital image of a photo print.

Position your phone over a photo and tap PhotoScan's capture button. The app does its best to identify the four corners of the image, and then you follow an arrow to navigate your... Read More &raquo

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Google Play's new Family Library lets you share purchases

Google's new Family Library service makes it easier to teach your family to how share, as it gives family members access to Google Play purchases.

With Family Library, eligible apps, movies, TV shows, games, and books purchased through the Google Play store are available to as many as six family members (ages 13 years and older) across their devices. Those with iOS devices or on the Web can watch movies and shows and read books.

You can automatically add purchases to the... Read More &raquo

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Stop Google from tracking your activities

This week Google launched My Activity to show you how you're tracked online, so you can better protect your privacy. Google readily admits that it tracks your every move -- your Web searches, site visits, watched videos, clicked ads, and location. The company claims it does so to autocomplete your searches, improve YouTube recommendations, serve ads, and get you places faster on Google Maps.

If you're willing to sacrifice these expediencies for the sake of privacy, then you can delete... Read More &raquo

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Organize your Android phone's home screen

Your Android phone is just as useful as you make it. Organize the tiles on your phone's screens so you can stop hunting for your favorite apps and find them just a tap or two away.

Organize your apps

The quickest way to bring order to your phone's screens is to alphabetize the apps or gather them by purpose: all messaging and email apps on one screen, sports apps on the next screen.

It's easy to rearrange apps. Tap and hold an... Read More &raquo

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When can you get Android Marshmallow?

Now that Google has released Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the big question is: When can Android owners download and start using it?

If you own a Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013), 9, Player, or Android One, the answer is easy. Google is now sending out Marshmallow in stages, and depending on your carrier, you have access to it now or will shortly.

If you ordered the new Nexus 5X and 6P phones, Marshmallow will come installed on those devices.

But... Read More &raquo

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Apple seeks to ease the move from Android to iOS

Hoping to make it as simple as possible to switch to iOS, Apple is offering a Move to iOS app for Android users.

The free Android app migrates your Android content -- including contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars -- to an iOS device, over a Wi-Fi network. Move to iOS works on phones and tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later and works with iPads and iPhones running iOS 9 or... Read More &raquo

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Opera Mini 4.2 beta now surfing Google Android

Opera Mini 4.2 beta, a test version released for Java phones just two weeks ago, on Monday became the first third-party browser available for Google Android.

Opera Mini for Android, which was previewed in April, includes most of the familiar Mini 4.2 features: zooming, saving, bookmarking, and searching for in-line text has stayed intact, as has syncing via Opera Link and swapping skins.

We couldn't make the video playback workaround that debuted on other Java phones work in this build,... Read More &raquo

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First Look video: Quickpedia for Google Android

Quickpedia isn't the only Wikipedia-scouring app for Google Android, but it's the best we've seen so far.

The free application makes it easy to search and browse Wikipedia for articles, throwing in a few tiny twists along the way to make navigating, reading, and learning interesting tidbits a breeze.

You can see it all unfold in this First Look video.

... Read More &raquo

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Meebo IM goes native on Google Android--poorly

Meebo for Google Android is not a terrible instant-messaging application. But it isn't a very good representation of what IM clients for the Android platform can do, or even a good representation of what Meebo itself can do.

In this first release, the free Meebo mobile application lets you chat with friends on the major IM networks--Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, ICQ, Jabber, and Google Talk. It also runs in the background while you work on other applications and scrolls... Read More &raquo

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First Look video: Ringdroid ringtone maker

What makes Ringdroid a must-have for Google Android phones? It's a fast, free, and all-around-good ringtone maker that will only get better in future releases.

Ringdroid doesn't stop at creating ringtones. You can also turn any edited song into an alarm or notification. Hopefully the publisher won't quit with the Android platform, either. I know an iPhone, a Nokia, and a BlackBerry phone that could sure use some homegrown ringtones.

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