Funhouse of Horror 2013: Top 5 free scary games to download

The time has come once again for the ghosts and goblins to roam the streets for sweets. But if trick-or-treating is no longer your thing and you'd rather stay in, has got you covered with some freebie games for creating your own scarefest -- without leaving the house. In 2012, our editors scoured our extensive catalog and collected the most unusual games they could find to scare you. This time around, we dug even deeper, saw... Read More &raquo

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f.lux gets major, much-anticipated update

One of our top picks for best desktop software, f.lux announced Tuesday that they have released a major update to their popular screen dimmer application. f.lux 3.9 now allows your screen to go even warmer, from a previous setting of 3400K down to 2700K or optionally to 1200K, if you prefer. So now you can simulate that working-by-candlelight experience on your HD display. Movie mode allows you to keep the warm setting but preserves... Read More &raquo

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The Essentials: Best free Windows apps for students

Getting ready to go back to school is like getting ready to go to work: you're either excited and ready to rock or you couldn't give a rat's bottom about another year of eight-hour days, full of books, energy drinks, projects, and assignments.

Whether you're in high school or college, it's good to keep your PC equipped with the best programs so that you won't be hit with any surprises. Rather than scrambling around, trying to figure out which... Read More &raquo

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ExploitShield becomes Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

ExploitShield launched in September 2012 (covered previously by Seth Rosenblatt) with an ambitious goal: to close the yawning security gap for zero-day threats, those nasty exploits that arise upon first notice of a security vulnerability in a browser or other application before developers can fix the hole. Today, the ExploitShield technology gained a lot more visibility as it was acquired by security-software publisher Malwarebytes, whose Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software has been a Top... Read More &raquo

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SMSAlarm locates your muted Android phone

One of the great things about "smartphones" is that they are awfully hard to lose. In fact, there are countless apps that will help locate your phone from Timbuktu to Tippecanoe County. (And oh, how many times have I wished I could call my keys or wallet to find them?) However, if your ringer is on mute, finding it when it's wedged down in the couch cushions requires a keen ear for the buzz of vibrate mode.

Or, if you are... Read More &raquo

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Choose your Twine adventure

These days, regular folks across the world are using free software to easily create homespun music, Webisodes, and movies, so why not interactive fiction? A little program called Twine (download for Windows or Mac) that brings a DIY ethos to text-based Web games has slowly emerged as a huge player in the indie-game scene. If you're new to Twine, it's freeware that lets users develop their own interactive stories and games. It enables players to determine... Read More &raquo

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Capcom releases Street Fighter x Megaman for free

Capcom dropped a Christmas gift to the public today: the free release of Street Fighter X Megaman. It's still in all its 8-bit glory and makes my 6-year-old gamer spirit tingle with nostalgia.

SFxMM is a fan-made game cover of Megaman, an old 8-bit platformer that lived on the original Nintendo Entertaiment System since the late '80s/early '90s. The mechanics of the game are simple: run, shoot, jump and slide through each stage until you... Read More &raquo

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Open Hexagon, an open copycat of Hexagon

Open Hexagon is a polygonal endurance run that draws heavy inspiration from Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon. Much like its former Web app game, Open Hexagon challenges players in a collapsing environment of walls that cave in. Your goal is to keep a dinky little triangle alive by orbiting around the core while dodging walls and crushing barriers. The game's overall design is a simple pixelated collection of lines and shapes, with some added chiptune tracks to appease the eardrums... Read More &raquo

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Manage your online time wisely with timeStats, a Chrome extension

The Internet is a pretty great resource for work or school, but it can also be an enormous distraction. timeStats is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to see how you spend your online time. A few clicks will get you a chart distribution of your Internet activity; a couple more, and you can get even more detailed reports. The reports break down your daily/weekly/monthly activities with awesome pie charts and bar graphs showing... Read More &raquo

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JogoBox: Gaming museum for the old and abandoned or sweet treasure trove arcade?

Whether you're a long-time PC gamer or new to the club, (in which case, welcome!) you should check out JogoBox, a game client/downloader similar to the likes of Steam and Desura. What makes JogoBox stands out is that its entire collection is totally free. "Choose from a selection of thousands of free games and play for as long as you like!" -- boasts

The JogoBox team essentially went out into the Internet and collected as... Read More &raquo

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