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Yelp serves up an alternative iPhone reality (video)

Augmented reality is fast becoming a reality for mobile search apps of all stripes. Layars, which calls itself a "reality browser," was one of the first of interest to pop up on our iPhone radar. Not long ago, Yelp oh-so-quietly added its own way to slap its content over the world you see through your camera lens. The "monocle" feature originally surfaced as a hidden gem within Yelp 3.0. Now, in Yelp 4.0, Monocle has earned its place as... Read More »

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Explore what's new in Avast 5

Avast has recently partnered with Google Chrome and crossed the 100-million-user mark, but the new interface and revamped feature set in Avast 5 are far more intriguing and important. Gone is the old car-stereo design, replaced by a more user-friendly design. On the feature front, users can expect seven real-time shield components, a silent/gaming mode, and a multitude of protection data to explore.

Watch this First Look video to get a quick tour of what's new in the free antivirus... Read More »

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Watch what's new in Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is finally here for Windows, Mac, and Linux, after a gestation period measured in years. Take an introductory tour in this First Look video of the latest improvements, including robust integrated search, tabbed e-mail reading, and a slick new account wizard.

For an even deeper look at Firefox's sibling, read this hands-on report of what's good and what's lacking in Thunderbird 3.

... Read More »

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Picasa 3.5 finds friends' faces in photos (video)

Line up the freeware photo manager/editor combos and you'll quickly realize that Google's Picasa stands out in its class. The latest version, Picasa 3.5 (Windows | Mac), is no exception, offering one huge new feature and a few little ones, to offer you more choices for organizing and sharing photos from your desktop.

Facial recognition is the big news here, and Google's team has handily translated the face-tagging feature that it had implemented in the online version, Picasa Web Albums,... Read More »

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Facebook for Android 1.0: First Look

Facebook's freshly overhauled iPhone app (Facebook for iPhone 3.0) is so stuffed with goodies, that we were anticipating a similar bounty of features with the much-awaited Facebook for Android.

Shame on the Google/Facebook development team (mostly Google's, with consulting from Facebook) for creating an abbreviated app that fails to offer a complete experience, and shame on us for holding Google up to the high standards we've come to expect from, well, Google.

Having said that, the Facebook for Android... Read More »

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Feast your eyes on Flickr for iPhone 1.0

There have been plenty of ways to view Flickr photos and upload to Flickr from your iPhone using third-party apps. But Yahoo's Flickr for iPhone app is the company's first official take.

How is it? We're sorry to report that for avid uploaders, it's only so-so. You can search, view your photostream, and also friends' photostreams. You can also take and upload photos or video--for the latter, only if you've got the video-enabled iPhone 3GS. Commenting, e-mailing a photo,... Read More »

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Opera 10 browser: First Look video

Opera 10 (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) is less than a week old, and the browser has already caused quite a stir among fans (just check out the comments). It has also inspired many a comparison with the more-often downloaded (and extension-rich) Firefox, and with the upstart browser Google Chrome which, despite its newness, has managed to unseat Opera as the fourth most popular browser.

That leaves you asking how Google's young Chrome browser, just a... Read More »

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Have you tried Trillian Astra's all-in-one IM?

The release of Yahoo's latest instant messenger for Windows (Yahoo Messenger 10 beta) got us revisiting two others that were updated in the more recent past: the all-in-one chat clients Trillian Astra and Digsby. We enumerated the program enhancements that went into Trillian Astra beta here, but after three years in the making (!), we were hoping to be wowed.

In terms of sexiness, that honor belongs to Digsby, which cuts a fine figure, but doesn't always... Read More »

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Facebook for iPhone 3.0: First Look video

Last week when it first updated, we related our first impressions of Facebook for iPhone 3.0. Now that's we've spent some more quality time with it over the weekend, we can confirm that the 3.0 update is huge. Sure, it takes up more room on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but that's not what we meant.

The real growth spurt comes from the pile of new and improved features that Facebook has poured into the app. They range from... Read More »

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Mozilla finally pushes Firefox 3.5 (video)

Four betas, three release candidates, and one version number change later, Mozilla finally gave Firefox 3.5 the kick out the door that the general public has been waiting for. If you're not convinced that it's worth upgrading, watch what's new in this First Look video, and download it for your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Die-hard fans probably already know this, but this is the fastest version of Firefox yet. Even though some of its competitors can load... Read More »

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