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Dropbox's new productivity features

Dropbox wants a slice of Google's and Microsoft's document business. The service, known for cloud storage and file sharing, recently added productivity, collaboration, and security tools, putting Dropbox in direct competition with Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive (paired with an Office 365 account). If you use Dropbox on the desktop or iOS, read on for the exciting new enhancements you can now put to work. (There is no word yet on when Dropbox plans to... Read More &raquo

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PirateBrowser lets you sail past Internet censors

In the wake of the release of Firefox 23, the infamous torrent site The Pirate Bay, released its own Web browser, dubbed "PirateBrowser." The package browser is a bundling of a custom Portable Firefox Browser with the add-on FoxyProxy and Vidalia (a Tor Client).

All this work is being done with the goal of allowing the user to bypass the censor net of certain countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium,... Read More &raquo

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YouSendIt debuts on Android, Mac

Popular file-sharing and cloud collaboration service YouSendIt finally brings its services to Android and Mac platforms.

While Android and Mac users have long been able to access YouSendIt through the company's Web site, native apps have only been available on Windows and iOS--until today. With the new Android and Mac apps, you can send files, share folders, and sign documents from outside a browser. YouSendIt for Mac is still in beta, but is publicly available for download now.

If you haven't... Read More &raquo

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Over the past few years, we've seen a plethora of download servers and utilities that range from the infamous torrent clients to temporary file servers like RapidShare, Megaupload, and HotFile. Torrenting in particular has seen some new improvements in the area of clients; uTorrent (which was eventually acquired by BitTorrent) became one of the most portable, system-friendly clients and Webware sites like Torrific have even eliminated the use of client software altogether.

So how do... Read More &raquo

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Chrysalis brings content distribution to BitTorrent

BitTorrent launched its next-generation torrent client in a public beta today, offering people a unique system for not just sharing content via torrents but also for socializing the experience and turning the tool into one with deep content discovery hooks. BitTorrent 8 beta (download) contains one enormous change from the alpha that launched in March: personal content channels, which streamline the torrent creation and sharing process to allow you to share high-quality versions of your homemade videos, audio,... Read More &raquo

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Cloud computing and shoot-'em-up bliss: iPhone apps of the week

Last month there was a fair amount of buzz about how iPhone apps don't have much of a shelf life. According to a recent article at TechCrunch, the average free iPhone app is used for less than 30 days before it sits inactive on the desktop or is deleted by the user.

I guess I fit in with the average iPhone user to a certain extent. I have deleted apps that I thought were pretty cool in the beginning,... Read More &raquo

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First Look video: LimeWire for Mac

LimeWire has spent a long time at the top of our Most Popular list for good reason--it's easy to use and gets the results people want. Though there is a certain amount of controversy surrounding file sharing, there are plenty of legal files that you can get through LimeWire. Once downloaded, you can even preview audio files with LimeWire's included media player.

Check out this First Look with Jason Parker from to get the lowdown on this... Read More &raquo

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Featured Freeware: Pando

Emailing large attachments has never been easy, but Pando for Windows and Mac combines P2P tech with a clean interface to make sharing files or folders as large as 1 GB a cinch--and free.

Circumventing FTP servers, online storage, and tertiary e-mail accounts, Pando either generates a link for instant messages and Web pages, or e-mails your recipient a tiny attachment. When you click that attachment or link, Pando connects to its server and downloads the "package," as the Pando... Read More &raquo

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Power Downloader's FTP client is secure and free

As Power Downloader sifted through an enormous amount of e-mails recently, he ran across one from a friend who wanted some software advice. Apparently, his friend was designing a Web site and had looked around for a free FTP program for transferring files, but had not yet found anything very promising.

Firing up his trusty Web browser, Power Downloader immediately began searching for the perfect free FTP client. Accessing, Power scanned the file lists and quickly came to the app... Read More &raquo

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P2P heats up with FrostWire

FrostWire hopes to breathe some new life into the much-maligned P2P file-sharing client LimeWire.

LimeWire has become the Web 2.0 equivalent of Kazaa and the late 1990s Napster. What you think is last night's episode of Heroes turns out to be a villainous chunk of malware, and litigation issues have forced its programmers to include a license filter, warning you if you're about to grab something without proper copyright information attached. Plus, the interface is ugly.

FrostWire aims to be a... Read More &raquo

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