Chrome 29 adds a reset button

On Tuesday, Google announced a new update to the Chrome browser, adding improved omnibox suggestions based on the most recently visited Web pages. The update also brings a fresh reset feature, similar to Firefox's own browser reset button. This is helpful for eliminating all those unwanted extensions and unintended add-ons that you may have accumulated over the years inside your Chrome extensions. Your themes, bookmarks, and Chrome apps should still remain intact.

Mac users also get rich notifications support for in-app-... Read More &raquo

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Skitch and Evernote, now in Dolphin

As the mobile Web matures with phenomenal user growth, the Dolphin HD browser introduced today two add-ons that bring the power of apps to the mobile browser.

The new add-ons for Evernote (download) and Skitch (download) take previously app-only features and port them directly into Dolphin HD for Android only. Unlike most Dolphin HD add-ons, neither of these can be added from within Dolphin. You must go through the Android Market links above to get them.

Taking features from... Read More &raquo

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Opt-out of Facebook permissions via new add-on

Still in rough development, a new extension for Google Chrome puts in your hands a useful power tool for separating your data from Facebook apps of dubious origin. Called OOptOut (download), the add-on by Chad Selph helpfully lists above the Facebook header for you any permissions that a newly-installed Facebook app requests.

Check boxes next to each let you toggle the select permission. Keep in mind that this extension isn't for casual enthusiasts. Disabling permissions can prevent an app... Read More &raquo

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Firefox 8 to tell aggressive add-ons to back off

Mozilla is taking steps to protect users from programs that install add-ons in Firefox without user permission, citing numerous reasons including security concerns and the desire to make sure that the person using Firefox has ultimate control of the add-ons installed.

Two new features will be making their debut in Firefox 8, currently on the Firefox nightly channel but planned to move to the Aurora developer's build early next week. The first feature automatically disables add-ons added to Firefox by other... Read More &raquo

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Opera 11.50 earns Web apps powers

Web apps made a tepid splash with the public when they debuted in Google Chrome last year, but that hasn't stopped other developers like Opera from joining the club. Also known as in-browser apps, Opera 11.50 for Windows (download), Mac (download), and Linux (download), released today, now offers Web apps in the form of Speed Dial extensions.

Web apps are special sites written in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that allow developers to treat the browser as the... Read More &raquo

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Must-have restartless Firefox add-ons

The future of Firefox's add-ons arrived in Firefox 4 with the introduction of "restartless add-ons." Based on the new Jetpack API and Add-on SDK, restartless add-ons--also known as bootstrapped add-ons--don't require a restart to be used or removed. Not coincidentally, they also provide Firefox with a venue for competing directly with other browsers, which use add-on frameworks that were created after the technology that supports restartless add-ons was created.

Firefox doesn't offer many restartless add-ons just yet; at the... Read More &raquo

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Opera 11 joins the add-ons club

Mobile Opera may be driving the Norwegian browser company's growth, but that doesn't mean that the desktop browser is getting ignored. Debuting today, Opera 11 for Windows, Mac, and Linux has only gotten more stable since the beta version of the browser launched last month.

The most requested of the new features is the lightweight extension API framework, which brings to Opera a long-missing capability to directly add to and customize the browser. Having launched... Read More &raquo

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Opera goes to 11 with an extensions API

Editors' note: This post originally stated that the Opera 11 beta was not yet available for Linux. In fact, Opera 11 beta 1 for Linux is available for download here.

Opera may be getting most of its attention these days from its mobile browsers, but that doesn't mean that the company is ignoring its desktop browser. The first beta for Opera 11 introduces a long-missing extensions API in a lightweight profile similar to those that run on WebKit-powered... Read More &raquo

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Mozilla develops social skills with F1

As Flock and RockMelt duked it out for social-networking addicts' attention, browser kingpin Mozilla quietly introduced last week a new add-on for Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail users. Called F1 (download) and created by Mozilla Messaging, the division of Mozilla that manages the e-mail client Thunderbird, the secure and unobtrusive add-on provides fast sharing of URLs via a dedicated navigation bar button. It mimics one of the best features found in social-networking browsers without having to deal with hassle... Read More &raquo

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