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Apps for easy photo sharing

You have so many options for sharing photos with friends and family: social media, cloud services, photo sites, email, messaging apps. But you can make sharing even simpler. Give one these five apps access to your photos, and they'll share with your friends -- with a tap, with a swipe, or automatically.

Moments (iOS, Android)

Facebook's Moments app groups your photos based on who's in them and when and where the photos were shot. Then the app gives... Read More »

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Apple's Live Photos: can you share them?

Live Photos is one of the most interesting Apple photo features ever, and it's coming with iPhone 6S, which starts shipping this week. You simply shoot a photo as you always do, and the iPhone captures the second and a half before the shot and the second and a half after to create a combination JPEG and MOV that looks like a mini video. You can even set one as your wallpaper.

While we've seen some enticing... Read More »

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First Look video: Picasa 3

Google's recent release of Picasa 3 (review) introduced a dozen changes to the already popular photo organizer.

A few are small, overdue bridges between the desktop app and Web Albums that greatly impact your work flow, and some are much more ambitious features that substantially extend Picasa's abilities. Almost all of them hit the mark (there is one exception.)

This First Look video takes you on a tour of some of the more salient features of this terrific desktop app... Read More »

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First Look video: Photoshop CS3 (Mac)

Photoshop CS3 for Mac is still your top choice if you're serious about image editing. Loaded with features for color-correction, photo enhancements, filters, effects, and layer management, Photoshop is the pro-level image-editing software to measure all others by. If you'd like a closer look at some of the features Photoshop CS3 has to offer, check out our First Look video to see if you're ready to download the trial.

... Read More »

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How to salvage cell phone photos

Because not everyone has a Nokia N95 or comparable luxurious 5-megapixel camera (including me,) most of us have to grudgingly accept our camera phones' variable output quality or take the time to fix photos of emotional value. (Or blackmail value, which is also extremely powerful.)

There are a ton of tips out there for improving mobile phone images, and most of them involve a proficiency in advanced image-editing tools and a working knowledge of the parameters required for a dizzying... Read More »

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Killer Download: Share your photos with Web albums

I take a lot of pictures with my digital camera at birthdays, family gatherings, and other events, so I'm always on the lookout for new ways to share the photos. As new programs hit the scene and older programs evolve over time, my favorites change because of various factors like ease of use, number of features, and of course, the king of all reasons: price.

One of the best ways I've found to share pictures with friends and family is to... Read More »

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Photo slide shows on DVD

Along with "What's the best free video-editing software?" one of the most frequent questions I receive from CNET users is, "How can I put my photos on a DVD that anyone can watch?" For everyone whom I wasn't able to respond to personally, here's a quick overview.

First off, the most important issue is the DVD player for which you're creating the slide show. Many DVD players nowadays don't need a specially formatted disc to view digital pictures, and some have built-in slide-show features for viewing JPEG... Read More »

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Resize images on the fly

High Quality Photo Resizer is lightweight image editor replete with options, but it also suffers from some snags that might an update be worth the wait.

It's a solid piece of freeware, with a installer smaller than 1MB and a small system footprint to accompany it. The interface is basic and mostly text based, which accounts for the small size, but it is a bit disappointing as an image editor.

You start by loading an image or group of images. The interface... Read More »

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Fastest Flickr uploading tool

Photo sharing sites like Flickr, Webshots (a CNET affiliate), Zoomr, SmugMug, and others provide a cheap (usually free) and easy way for users to share their digital pics with friends, family, or the site communities at large. There's always a slight delay, however, between downloading pictures from your camera or cell phone and actually getting them published to those sites. If you're a Flickr user, you can eliminate that delay completely with Foldr Monitr, a free utility that automatically... Read More »

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Take it to the forums

At CNET, we are very aware that--regardless of our large catalog of downloadable software, music, and games--our greatest asset is you, our users. When it comes to any development on the site, we think about you first.

We've always been grateful to have intelligent, respectful, and engaged users on CNET Our user reviews of software are some of our most prized features, because they generally display an accurate opinion of the download community.

We continued to expand our communication with CNET users two years ago, when... Read More »

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