Google Cloud helps you sell your stuff on eBay

What can the cloud do for you? You've seen how it can store your music, photos, and documents, so you can access files from anywhere and sync across devices. But at this week's Google Cloud Next 2017 conference, eBay demonstrated how its bot can use the cloud not just to store digital stuff but to get your physical stuff out of storage and onto eBay.

The Next '17 cloud conference focuses mainly on enterprise users, but consumers... Read More &raquo

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Reduce your iCloud storage

When you sign up for Apple's iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage that you can use for whatever you'd like to back up. Apple doesn't even count the music, movies, TV, books, and apps you've bought through iTunes against your free storage.

But that 5GB can go quickly, and then you'll get a nagging pop-up or email warning that you're dangerously close to maxing out your free iCloud storage. That leaves you with two choices: (1) Pay for more... Read More &raquo

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Dropbox's new productivity features

Dropbox wants a slice of Google's and Microsoft's document business. The service, known for cloud storage and file sharing, recently added productivity, collaboration, and security tools, putting Dropbox in direct competition with Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive (paired with an Office 365 account). If you use Dropbox on the desktop or iOS, read on for the exciting new enhancements you can now put to work. (There is no word yet on when Dropbox plans to... Read More &raquo

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Fight ransomware with data backups and gift cards

Ransomware is a hacker's cash grab. When this type of malware attacks your PC, it locks your precious files behind a password and demands payment for unlocking your docs. As in any other hostage situation, paying the ransom may or may not get you your files back. With ransomware, an ounce of prevention -- backing up all your important files -- is worth a pound of Bitcoin cures. Here's how to foil ransomware.

Store important files on an external drive

Internet hackers... Read More &raquo

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Optimize your Windows storage and recover data

As much as technology changes, one thing remains the same: Given enough time, you eventually run out of room for your files. Whether you've downloaded too many apps or you're an avid photographer, you'll need more space. Start by getting rid of the stuff you know you don't need, then read on for more space-saving tips. Another rule of tech is that eventually your storage device will kick the bucket, taking important files with it. We have... Read More &raquo

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Google spruces up Drive apps templates

Google is rolling out a new collection of templates for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps to give you a running start on creating good-looking documents. The premade forms range from report and invoice templates to photo-album galleries and offer a clean, modern look. Access the new template gallery from within each app by choosing File, New, From Template.

The 30-plus Docs templates include ones for creating resumes, lesson plans, and school reports.

Sheets offers 15 templates for wedding planning,... Read More &raquo

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Loom lets you intelligently sync photos Dropbox-style across your devices

There are many photo storage services available out there competing for the right to hold our digital memories. Apps like Instagram and Flickr were designed to make sharing photos online easier but were not specifically designed for private storage. Cloud depositories like Dropbox or Google Drive work amazingly well with documents and spreadsheets but not with images or movies. Loom comes onto the scene with a fantastic app to tackle a specific... Read More &raquo

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Top apps when you're working from home (WFH)

Working from home is a privilege, and in some cases, unavoidable. Here, in our San Francisco office, many commuters were hit hard by the recent Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) strikes, forcing those reliant on the public transportation service to be stranded at home. Luckily, working from home doesn't mean you have to be any less productive.

Here are some of our recommended apps to make sure that you stay focused and productive so that you can get the most out... Read More &raquo

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Bitdefender drops the number and goes Photon on your PC

Today, Bitdefender released the 2014 version of its flagship Bitdefender Total Security product, replete with an interface redesign, adaptive technology, and noticeably absent version-number attribution.

With this year's release of Total Security comes the debut of Bitdefender Photon, an adaptive technology that aims to optimize the speed and performance of your PC as it adjusts to your computer.

Photon was actually introduced earlier in Bitdefender 2013, but since then the company has made major improvements while minimally impacting performance. Now,... Read More &raquo

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Divide for Android integrates Box with version 1.7

If you find yourself carrying around two separate mobile devices (one for work, the other for personal use), then you probably haven't heard of Enterproid's Divide app for Android.

Known as a solution to the growing BYOD (bring your own device) trend that plagues many a corporate IT department, Divide creates a separate, fully encrypted and password-protected work environment right on your Android device. This means you can securely access your work e-mail, contacts, calendars, and corporate applications, all while... Read More &raquo

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