9 apps that enhance iOS 8's camera

iOS 8 gave the iPhone's camera app a major upgrade: automatic straightening and cropping, one-touch light and color adjustments, built-in filters and editing tools, time-lapse videos, and the iCloud Photo Library, among other improvements. But for iPhotographers who want more manual control over their photos, sharing options, and storage, here are our nine picks for photo apps that play well with iOS 8.

More features for control freaks


We all have multiple people inside us. Capture them all with... Read More »

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Manga-fy yourself with Otaku Camera

While Bleach and One Piece go on hiatus, why not make your own manga-fied version of life in the meantime? Otaku Camera makes your photos look like an action scene from a Japanese comic. You can add headlines, crazy sound effects, and many other common effects from manga comics.

The free version includes a small number of general overlay effects, but more can be downloaded from the built-in App Store. You can also add featured... Read More »

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Easy video effects apps for iOS

There are a ton of image-editing apps that add effects to your images, but what about video?

Anyone who uses an iPhone 4 or 4S knows the smartphone takes great-looking video, but your options are limited with the Apple app when it comes to adding effects. Don't underestimate the value of adding effects, either: a good effect can turn a mundane subject into a great video.

This week's collection of iOS apps is all about adding effects to your videos. The first... Read More »

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Adding image effects on iOS

Now that people have had some time with their iPhone 4S, I'm sure many have had plenty of time to take pictures using the upgraded 8-megapixel camera. On it's own, the iPhone 4S takes great shots, but what if you want something more?

This week's iOS app collection is all about adding effects to your images. The first lets you flip through numerous effects and stack them for amazing results. The second offers tons of premade effects, but also gives you... Read More »

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Google Goggles 1.6 powers up your Android camera

Today, Google Goggles for Android jumped up to version 1.6, and gained a super neat feature that enhances your Android camera's powers. The new opt-in Search from Camera feature lets Goggles automatically perform an image-based search in the background, whenever you snap a photo.

Here's how it works. After you've updated your Google Goggles app, launch it, tap Menu, then Settings. Then go ahead and enable Search from Camera.

From there, any time you use your Android camera to snap... Read More »

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From photos to drawings on iOS

Even on the first day the iTunes App Store launched there were photo apps that let you manipulate and edit images on iPhone. The App Store has come a long way since then and, with new iPhones with faster processors and better cameras, the apps have gotten significantly better as well.

This week's collection of apps is all about making your photos look like drawings. The first lets you see selected effects in real time even before you take the shot,... Read More »

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Fun video apps for iPhone

It doesn't seem that long ago when we would have to lug around a VHS camera to capture video of family events, vacations, and other memories we could relive later by inserting the VHS tape and hitting the play button on our VCRs. While it was a workable solution for capturing memories in motion, lugging around a video camera everywhere we went wasn't exactly practical.

Fortunately these days, there is no longer the need for fresh VHS tapes or making... Read More »

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Better HDR images and arcade football: iPhone apps of the week

When iOS 4.2 was released, I didn't update my iPhone right away. I waited until I was back from Thanksgiving vacation, where I could sync my iPhone on my home computer. Once I got home, like any responsible iPhone user, I backed up my iPhone first then hit the update button. From there it went through its usual process of downloading the update, some rebooting of the phone, and the rest of the updating procedure. Everything seemed to be running... Read More »

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Photos to Facebook and grenade-tossing goodness: iPhone apps of the week

One of the big iPhone news items this week revolved around an app I wrote about in the June 11 edition of iPhone apps of the week. Apparently, Taptaptap, developer of Camera+ (not currently available at the App Store) recently added a feature called "VolumeSnap" that would allow users to snap pictures using the iPhone volume controls on the side of the device. Apple pulled Camera+ from the iTunes App Store saying the app violated Apple's developer agreement... Read More »

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The iMovie app adds style to videos

It's iPhone 4 launch day and we're sure there are many happy new owners of the iPhone 4 (review) even among those who are apparently finding some problems with Apple's latest device. To help you get started using your new front- and rear-facing cameras to make videos, Apple has released an iMovie app to the iTunes app store, and we think it's worth the extra five bucks.

iMovie for iPhone ($4.99) lets you create great looking HD... Read More »

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