Watch movies on your own terms with PC Video Converter -- now half off

Featuring device-specific converting options and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the latest PC Video Converter can help you create videos that are compatible with any devices currently available on the market. Just choose the targeted hardware (iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.), drop in your video, hit the "Convert" button, and let PC Video Converter take care of the rest. Know exactly what your want? PC Video Converter can output directly to your desired format. You can also trim and... Read More &raquo

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Skype (preview version) is available on BlackBerry 10

As of today, owners of the BlackBerry Q10 device will get to use Skype's free video and voice calling via the official Skype app.

Available now on BlackBerry World, the Skype app automatically adds your Skype contacts to your BlackBerry phone book when you sign in. Other features include the ability to send text messages and make calls to landlines and mobile phones for a fee.

According to Skype, though, the app available today is still only a "preview... Read More &raquo

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Introducing AT&T Call International for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone

The newly released AT&T Call International for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone might be an awesome VoIP app for making calls overseas. Note the word "might."

According to AT&T, the Call International app lets you use a Wi-Fi connection to place international phone calls from their supported AT&T phones, to anywhere and from anywhere in the world--for a fee, of course. Just sign up for a Call International account, download the app from the provided link, and make your calls. Your... Read More &raquo

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BlackBerry Messenger 6 offers more 'social experience'

It appears Research In Motion has decided to flip the switch and turn its popular BlackBerry Messenger application, or BBM, as its users refer to it, into a more full-fledged "social experience," complete with app integration, social app discovery, even some enhanced social gaming.

Buzzwords aside, BBM 6 does, in fact, change the game for both BlackBerry app developers and end users. It allows developers to create apps using the BBM API, which in turn will allow users to interact with... Read More &raquo

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BlackBerry Travel flies up to version 1.1

Jet-setting BlackBerry addicts now have a few more convenient travel tools at their disposal, thanks to today's update of the BlackBerry Travel app to version 1.1. After releasing the first iteration of BlackBerry Travel back in February, it appears the folks at RIM have listened to user feedback and rolled some of the louder suggestions into this newest release.

One of the splashiest new features users will find in 1.1 is Mobile Rental Car Booking. According to RIM, the updated app... Read More &raquo

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Twitter 2.0 for BlackBerry is official

A mere two weeks after Twitter 2.0's arrival in BlackBerry Beta Zone, it looks like the newly refreshed client has emerged unscathed. Twitter 2.0 for Blackberry is official, and will be generally available in BlackBerry App World over the next 24 hours.

For those who weren't on the beta train, Twitter 2.0 boasts speedier and more streamlined Twitter Search via a single screen combining the Find People, Search, and Popular Topics functions, along with Trends and Saved Searches. For... Read More &raquo

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Twitter for BlackBerry v2.0 now in beta

BlackBerry users, your tweet game just stepped up a notch, as Twitter for BlackBerry version 2.0 is now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone. Thanks to a newly adopted "iterative development approach" at Research in Motion, this newest version comes to us less than a month after version 1.1 dropped.

The biggest improvement can be found in Twitter Search, which now combines the Find People, Search, and Popular Topics functions into a single unified search screen. Trends and... Read More &raquo

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RIM launches Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 beta

BlackBerry-maker RIM hasn't always seen a rosy reception of its Facebook for BlackBerry app, but the version 2.0 beta might change some minds with its much deeper integration.

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0, which launches today in a limited beta, gets a laundry list of new additions, big and small. There's Facebook Chat, which you can access from the Facebook application or launch from within your BlackBerry contact list. You'll also get notified of new Facebook chat messages in your message... Read More &raquo

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BlackBerry Radio: Coming to a music phone near you

If you count yourself among the select members of BlackBerry's Beta Zone, you may be in for a musical treat this afternoon. RIM announced via its BlackBerry blog an upcoming radio discovery application that will be set for beta testing later today. The aim of the app, dubbed BlackBerry Radio, is to provide a straightforward way to access multiple mobile radio services within a single, streamlined interface.

In this way, BlackBerry Radio doesn't intend to compete with existing standalone... Read More &raquo

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BlackBerry App World 2.1 gets in-app payments

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced a change to its BlackBerry App World applications sales front that will gratify both developers and owners of BlackBerry smartphones.

Starting today, BlackBerry App World 2.1 will now let users buy features within an app in stages.

In-app payments already constitute a popular billing model within the smartphone world, particularly among gamers who can purchase access to new levels. Their use lets developers offer apps for free, then gradually up-sell certain features to... Read More &raquo

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