Friday 5: Pokemon Duel, Smithsonian Earth, Roku, Snapchat, Hulu

Welcome to the Friday 5! Every week, we'll bring you the most noteworthy apps for Android and iOS. This week, we have a new Pokemon game, a new streaming service from the Smithsonian, and notable updates of the Roku, Hulu, and Snapchat apps.

Pokemon Duel

The Pokemon gods dropped a surprise on the world this week with the unexpected launch of Pokemon Duel (Android, iOS). This tactical board game is a much different beast than the augmented-reality... Read More &raquo

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Apps for keeping your New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are typically firm on January 1 but tend to weaken by the middle of the month. However, if you can tough it out for 21 days -- the amount of time researchers have concluded that it takes to form a new habit -- then you'll be in good stead for the rest of the year. Download these apps to set goals, get fit, eat smarter, keep calm, sleep better, and learn new skills.

... Read More &raquo

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Top software trends of 2016

Well, that was an odd year. We got a very public lesson in why it's important to keep online communications secure; we went outside to toss Poke Balls at augmented-reality pocket monsters; and we asked inanimate objects in our homes for assistance. Here are the software trends of 2016 that we found intriguing, important, or entertaining.

Streaming services put cable TV on notice

Cutting the cord keeps getting easier and more attractive. When PlayStation Vue launched in March... Read More &raquo

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5 horror apps for Halloween

Try as we might, it's impossible to turn away from our darkest fears as Halloween creeps up -- the cold, gloomy nights; the zombies, vampires, and witches appearing at our doorsteps; the visions of masked Michael Myers in our heads. So face your fears dead on with some of the scariest mobile games out there.

Fear of zombies: Walking Dead: The Game (Android, iOS; Metacritic score)

If you suffer from kinemortophobia, or a fear of... Read More &raquo

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WhatsApp Messenger gets major privacy upgrade

Today WhatsApp (iOS, Android), used by approximately 1 billion people worldwide, announced end-to-encryption throughout its network, for all types of messages (texts, videos, phone calls) shared within its app. With end-to-end encryption, even the company itself cannot view the contents of your communications. All the bits sent from one WhatsApp user to another are scrambled in a way that cannot be unscrambled by anyone except the sender and the recipient.

This upgrade does not require... Read More &raquo

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A cord-cutter's guide to watching the Super Bowl

From its humble origins as a championship game in 1967, the Super Bowl has come to be one of the most-watched events of the year, every year. Even if you're not into sports, the Super Bowl is a big social event. Super Bowl 50 falls on February 7 this year, and however you plan to enjoy the game, it's good to have multiple ways to watch, in case you encounter technical difficulties. So let's talk about all the ways you... Read More &raquo

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Holiday shopping tips and tricks

On Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving in the US -- the retail floodgates officially open for holiday shopping. You may be experiencing some anxiety: Will you get the best deals? Are you going to the right websites? Can you avoid the mad rush and still get little Timmy that toy he's pining for? The most important thing is to make sure you're shopping safely, because a compromised credit card is a lump of coal that no... Read More &raquo

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Google spruces up Drive apps templates

Google is rolling out a new collection of templates for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps to give you a running start on creating good-looking documents. The premade forms range from report and invoice templates to photo-album galleries and offer a clean, modern look. Access the new template gallery from within each app by choosing File, New, From Template.

The 30-plus Docs templates include ones for creating resumes, lesson plans, and school reports.

Sheets offers 15 templates for wedding planning,... Read More &raquo

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Fitness apps to motivate your workouts

How is your workout working out? Lots of apps provide routines and fitness tracking, but those are no use if you're not motivated to get off the couch and keep going. We've run through fitness apps and have picked seven that will get you into the gym or out for a long jog or a bike ride, because there's nothing like music, scenery, and friendly competition to energize you.

RockMyRun (iOS, Android)

Music is a great booster during... Read More &raquo

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7 apps for 7 daters

Meeting people is easy, but meeting the right person is challenging. If you're finding too many Ms. or Mr. Wrongs, then you probably just haven't met the right app yet. We've screened dating apps and have picked our top 7, paired with personality profiles, so you can find your app match.

Committed (iOS, Android)

If you're looking for a lasting relationship, then is for you. Why else would you pay for a plan that runs from $21.99... Read More &raquo

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