Google's PhotoScan helps scan your old photos

Google wants to help get the old photos stuck on your fridge onto your phone, where you can save, edit, and share them.

PhotoScan, Google's new photo tool for Android and iOS, turns your phone into a handheld scanner, capturing a digital image of a photo print.

Position your phone over a photo and tap PhotoScan's capture button. The app does its best to identify the four corners of the image, and then you follow an arrow to navigate your... Read More »

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Google Play's new Family Library lets you share purchases

Google's new Family Library service makes it easier to teach your family to how share, as it gives family members access to Google Play purchases.

With Family Library, eligible apps, movies, TV shows, games, and books purchased through the Google Play store are available to as many as six family members (ages 13 years and older) across their devices. Those with iOS devices or on the Web can watch movies and shows and read books.

You can automatically add purchases to the... Read More »

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How to choose an Android VPN

An Android VPN gives you more privacy on the mobile Internet. If you use public Wi-Fi or unprotected networks, if you're concerned about content restrictions, or if you just don't want to be tracked online, a virtual private network can give you a protected path, allowing you to secure and mask your data transmissions. VPNs can also dodge geoblocking (so you can access content in a geographical region other than your own) and bypass Internet filtering and censorship.

However, finding the... Read More »

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