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Verizon to roll out free spam alert and call blocking tools to all wireless customers

Verizon is aiming to help all its wireless customers battle spam calls and robocalls for free.

SEE: The definitive guide to stopping robocalls on your mobile phone

In March, Verizon will begin rolling out its spam-alerting and call-blocking tools for free to all wireless subscribers with compatible smartphones, the company announced in a news release. The carrier already offers such tools through its Call Filter service, but that currently runs $2.99 a month. The tools will be available... Read More &raquo

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Latest test version of Windows 10 lets you send mobile texts from your computer

While some pundits predicted that mobile phones and tablets would replace laptops and desktop PCs, thanks to lower costs and higher mobility, it doesn't appear to be panning out that way yet. In the meantime, at least, we're getting a steady flow of apps and services that tie all of these platforms together, and the Your Phone app is one of Microsoft's bids in that department.

With this weekend came another Insider release of Windows, which is a beta testing system... Read More &raquo

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Best to-do list apps of 2019 for managing tasks on any platform

Put those sticky notes back in your desk drawer. Our picks for the best to-do apps can help you manage tasks, stay on top of to-do lists, remind you of upcoming events, and even collaborate on projects with colleagues. All of our picks do a good job of covering the basics, but each approaches managing tasks a bit differently. Some are focused on handling your individual lists, others excel at reminding you of upcoming activities, at least one shines... Read More &raquo

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Friday 5: Google Assistant, Twitch, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Snapseed, and Calorie Mama

In this week's Friday 5, Google Assistant finally comes to a wide range of Android devices and adds SMS functions, Twitch adds a Twitter-like broadcaster feed, Lightroom lets you take photos with HDR processing, Snapseed adds shareable templates, and the popular Calorie Mama app can detect your food based on a photo.

Google Assistant extends its aid

Google Assistant, a conversational AI like Siri, has been built into Google's Pixel phones since those were launched in October 2016 -- but were found... Read More &raquo

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Friday 5: Amazon Chime, Facebook, Flipboard,'s Ping Pong, and Signal

In this week's Friday 5, Amazon unleashes a Skype competitor, Facebook integrates real-time weather info, Flipboard gets an overhaul, introduces a video messenger called Ping Pong, and encrypted messenger Signal gets support (in beta) for video calls.

Amazon Chime

Amazon surprised us this week with Chime (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac), an online meeting platform like Skype that uses the Amazon Web Services cloud to connect users. Like Skype, Chime has videoconferencing, teleconferencing, direct... Read More &raquo

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Apps for keeping your New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are typically firm on January 1 but tend to weaken by the middle of the month. However, if you can tough it out for 21 days -- the amount of time researchers have concluded that it takes to form a new habit -- then you'll be in good stead for the rest of the year. Download these apps to set goals, get fit, eat smarter, keep calm, sleep better, and learn new skills.

... Read More &raquo

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Google's PhotoScan helps scan your old photos

Google wants to help get the old photos stuck on your fridge onto your phone, where you can save, edit, and share them.

PhotoScan, Google's new photo tool for Android and iOS, turns your phone into a handheld scanner, capturing a digital image of a photo print.

Position your phone over a photo and tap PhotoScan's capture button. The app does its best to identify the four corners of the image, and then you follow an arrow to navigate your... Read More &raquo

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Find, download, and install Android apps safely

Android users have over 2 million apps to wade through when they visit the Google Play Store. And lots of third-party websites, including, also offer app downloads. How can you find the right app in a reasonable amount of time, make sure it's compatible with your device, and figure out whether the app and the store are legit? Here's how to safely and efficiently find, download, and install Android apps.

Where to get Android... Read More &raquo

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Google Play's new Family Library lets you share purchases

Google's new Family Library service makes it easier to teach your family to how share, as it gives family members access to Google Play purchases.

With Family Library, eligible apps, movies, TV shows, games, and books purchased through the Google Play store are available to as many as six family members (ages 13 years and older) across their devices. Those with iOS devices or on the Web can watch movies and shows and read books.

You can automatically add purchases to the... Read More &raquo

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The best free Google Cardboard VR games

If you've been following the VR craze, you've probably noticed that the headsets can cost several hundred dollars, and the games and apps aren't free, either. However, you can try VR on the cheap with free Android apps and the Cardboard VR viewer, available on Google's site for $15, along with several similar viewers. Cardboard's app helps you set up your phone and add apps to your library, though Google's app store doesn't do a good... Read More &raquo

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