Soda PDF goes 3D

Soda PDF, the popular Adobe Acrobat alternative, jumped to version 2012 today.

All three editions--Standard, Professional, and Pro + OCR--have been outfitted with a redesigned user interface and improved PDF editing features. Now, users can split PDF documents or extract specific pages in just one click. Also, simple operations like selecting text and rearranging elements should be a bit easier.

But the biggest addition to the product is Soda's new 3D View. This patent-pending technology presents PDF files like a book, allowing... Read More &raquo

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Transform photos to 3D with 3Defy

Ever wanted to give your old 2D pictures or photos that extra oomph? How about adding an extra dimension to that dusty two-axis plane?

3Defy Modeler is an interactive Web app that allows users to transform their photos into three-dimensional objects for free. Built by a team of passionate engineers, designers and 3D enthusiasts, 3Defy provides a a relatively basic set of tools to alter two dimensional images. Powered by Adobe Flash Player 11's 3D technology, users can turn various... Read More &raquo

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Corel enters new dimension with MotionStudio 3D

Corel, maker of the popular VideoStudio Pro and PaintShop Pro franchises, has today released its newest title, MotionStudio 3D. As Corel's first entry into the animation and motion graphics software category, MotionStudio 3D targets multimedia enthusiasts looking to create stunning title sequences and basic 3D animations. While it's not quite a big-budget Hollywood workhorse, the program certainly appears to be good at what it does.

On top of its basic 3D titling and text animation capabilities, MotionStudio also includes a... Read More &raquo

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Arcade auto racing for iOS

When it comes to racing games on the iOS, you have plenty of choices. Whether you want to race cars, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, or planes, the iTunes app store has excellent options.

Probably the most recognized racing games would be Firemint's Real Racing, the Need for Speed franchise, or the Asphalt racing games, all of which offer 3D racing action. But we've found that sometimes it's the arcade racing games that can be more fun if you're in the right... Read More &raquo

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Air Attack HD: A new take on old-school shmups

Those who grew up playing titles like 1942, Aero Fighters, or Space Invaders understand the beautiful simplicity of the shoot-'em-up genre of games, or the "shmups," as the E3 contingent might call them. In a shmup, you, a lone character, are tasked with obliterating an entire army of enemies, many of which attack from all directions. You are often piloting an airplane or spacecraft, and you are always armed with only the measliest of weapons to start... Read More &raquo

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3D HTML5 video shows up in Firefox

You can watch 3D videos via HTML5 on YouTube, starting today. The catch? This new feature is limited to Firefox 4, and to people who have a specific kind of Nvidia graphics card.

YouTube currently hosts "several thousand" 3D videos that it will encode and play back in WebM format, according to a blog post by Mozilla Director of Platform Product Management Chris Blizzard. Only people who have Nvidia 3D Vision graphics cards will be able to see those videos... Read More &raquo

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3D sound and 3D snowboarding: iPhone apps of the week

A couple of days ago, some long-awaited iPhone hardware news finally hit the Web. No, it's not the iPhone 5 (which some are saying won't be released until fall). The big news out this week is that the white iPhone 4 will finally become available as soon as by the end of this month.

I have to admit that the white iPhone 4 looks pretty cool, but I can't imagine anyone waiting to take the plunge to buy an... Read More &raquo

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Roxio brings 3D to Creator 2011

With an aim to stay ahead of the curve, software maker Roxio is bringing 3D editing to the latest version of its digital media suite, Creator 2011. The company's thinking in adding this functionality is that 3D video is eventually going to make its way from the big screen to our home computers, and it wants the software to be ready for that when it happens.

... Read More &raquo

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Angry birds and a tour of our solar system: iPhone apps of the week

Did you know you could get a refund for your purchase of an iPhone app? I didn't until I watched a new CNET TV How-to with Brian Tong. In the video, Brian details the process for getting a refund on an app he wanted to buy for the iPad, but chose the iPhone version by mistake. It's a bit complicated to explain the process here, so you'll want to check out the video linked above to get a detailed... Read More &raquo

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Multiservice chat and 3D racing: iPhone apps of the week

With more than 100,000 apps in the iTunes App Store and huge success around the world with the iPhone, it would appear Apple has done just about everything right with the launch of its first mobile handset. But as any iPhone app developers will tell you, the app approval process is less than ideal, with some developers waiting well beyond Apple's 14-day waiting period and sometimes longer to get their apps approved. Though Apple has stated it is working on... Read More &raquo

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