Tidy up with MaxiDisk from Uniblue, now 65 percent off

Hard drives are prone to accumulating unnecessary files. Clean yours out with Uniblue's latest tool, MaxiDisk, now only $9.95 on Download.com.

Keeping a clean computer is akin to keeping a clean house. It takes a bit of elbow grease and time to tidy up. Having MaxiDisk from Uniblue (developer of PowerSuite) is like having a personal housekeeper for your PC. You may know what needs cleaning but it's always easier to have someone else do it for you. MaxiDisk helps save time by analyzing your hard drive for unnecessary junk files to be deleted, getting rid of outdated backups, and compressing large files to reclaim valuable storage space. If you're worried about what should and shouldn't be discarded, MaxiDisk can create a restore point for a little peace of mind. It can also detect whether or not the hard drive requires defragmentation. Like a messy file cabinet, a fragmented hard drive can take up a lot of your PC's time, searching around for the needed files. This causes slowdown, not only in booting up but also in running programs, and in turn wastes valuable time you could be using to browse Download.com's catalog. Running regular defragmentation will help you recover some of this lost time.

Features summary:

  • Shows you which files can be defragmented.
  • Tells you how much disk space is available.
  • Cleans out all unnecessary files, including junk files and old backups.
  • Compresses large files to gain valuable storage space.
  • Creates a restore point for your peace of mind.
  • Easily manages settings and accesses essential system information.

Exclusively on Download.com for seven days only, you can take 65 percent off of its MSRP price and get it for just $9.95. This is the lowest price Uniblue has ever offered for MaxiDisk, so take advantage of this exclusive offer now while it is still hot!

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