SolSuite Solitaire 2013 provides endless fun at a discounted rate

Featuring 570 high-quality solitaire variations, TreeCardGames' SolSuite Solitaire 2013 offers countless hours of entertainment for a mere $9.99--it's now 50 percent off the regular price.

Most of us think of computer solitaire as that simplistic card game available via Microsoft Windows' default games collection. But did you know that the game was packaged with the first release of Windows 3.0 back in 1990? The Windows game was based on a solitaire variation called "Klondike" and was included in the OS by Microsoft as a way to acquaint text-based DOS users with the newfangled graphical user interface (GUI), introducing now-ingrained behaviors like drag-and-drop and double-clicking.

Scads of Windows users still play the default Microsoft Solitaire game, but if you are looking to take the solo card action up to another level entirely, check out SolSuite Solitaire 2013. With 570 (and counting) different solitaire games, 80 card sets, and 300 card backs, you can drag-and-drop and double-click to your heart's content, all at a now-discounted price of $9.99--a full 50 percent savings off the MSRP.

This isn't your granddaddy's solitaire. (Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

The TreeCardGames' collection includes:

Sorry, this version of Solitaire is not available. (Credit: Eon Productions)
  • 80 different card sets
  • More than 300 different card backs
  • 100 playing backgrounds
  • A unique scoring system and statistics: keep track and compare your scores with players around the world
  • Play SolSuite with your entire family--and friends
  • Advanced Features such as the ability to save and load your game as well as offer game tips

With SolSuite Solitaire 2013, you can enjoy a plethora of old-fashioned card games without the need of an Internet connection--perfect for a long flight or commute. SolSuite Solitaire runs best on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

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